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Water Base Emulsion Polymers        

sirjangostar global group [Tehran, Iran]
Oil Products:- -Naphta -Fuel Oil -Gasoline -Base Oil -Hydrocarbon -Bitumen Gas And Fertilizer:- -LPG -Ethylene -Butadien -Butadien 1, 3 -Butane 1 -Granular Urea -Crushed Lump Sulfer Chemical Products:- -Styrene Monomer -Acetic Acid -Caustic Soda -Ethanol Amine Polymers:- -Polyethylene -Polystyrene -Polypropylene -Polycarbonate -ABS Plastic -PVC -PET....

Shree Kalaria Brothers [Ahmedabad, India]
Products:- Rapid Fast Dyes Naphthol ASG Ortho Tolidine Base (O T Base) Pigment Paste For Cotton Printing Pthalogen Blue Powder Dyes Fast bases Pigment Past.....

Zhuzhou Yuancheng Hezhong Technology Development Co., Ltd. [hunan, China]
Our Services: Bodybuilding Development Co., Ltd. Was founded in 2013, a branch of "Yuancheng" Group. Which is located in Tianyuan District, Zhuzhou City-The Economic Centre of Changsha Zhuzhou and Xiangtan Cities Group. It is a large high-t tech chemical enterprise which specialized in fine chemicals , flavors and fragrances, food additives, pharmaceutical raw material and intermediates. Comp....

Coromandel International Limited [Hyderabad, India]
Products:- Fertilisers Gromor Ultra DAP Gromor Ultra 24-24-0-8 Gromor Parry Super (Fortified with Boron) Crop Protection Technical:- Profenofos Technical 94% min.Purity Phenthoate Technical 92% min.Purity Malathion Technical 95% min.Purity Temephos Technical 92% min.Purity Terbufos Technical 90% min.Purity Chlorpyriphos Technical 98% min.Purity Fipronil Technical 92% min.Purity Hex....

Henan Sinotech Import & Export Corporation [Zhengzhou , China]
Products:- Organic Fine Chemicals Flame Retardants Rubber and Plastic Paint Ink, costing and adhesive Chemicals Food and feed Additives Cosmetics and Detergent Chemical Oil and Gas Drilling Chemicals Water Treatment Chemicals Textile Materials and Auxiliries Metals and mining Chemicals Construction Chemicals Others:- -Dicyandiamide -Guanidine Carbonate -Guanidine Hydrochloride -Syn....

RX Marine International [Navi Mumbai,Vashi, India]
Raw Materials Paints Raw Materials Swimming Pool Chemicals Food Grade Chemicals Oil Field & Drilling Chemicals Oilfields * Paints * Laboratories * Laundries * Water Treatment General Cleaners and Detergents, Floor and Carpet Care Products, Kitchen Hygiene Products, Deodorizers and Disinfectants, Wash Room Products, Hard Surface Cleaners and Degreasers, Drain Unblockers, Rust and Stain Remover....

Chemicals Members Directory

Water Base Emulsion Polymers