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Thane, Maharashtra, India

Chemicals Products - Manufacturer,
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Vineeth Precious Catalyst Pvt Ltd established in 1993 is a sister concern of Vineeth Chemicals and is located in close proximity and manufactures all the products mentioned above. Vineeth Chemicals is a proprietary company set up by a young and enterprising chemical engineer, Mr. Vishwanath P. Shetty, M.E. (Chem.), in the year 1986. The company initially started with the manufacturing of Raney Nickel Catalyst, a versatile hydrogenation catalyst and subsequently entered into manufacturing of precious metal catalysts (mainly used as hydrogenation catalysts), precious metal compounds and allied products. Company's products profile is given in Annexure A. Company's products are used mainly in the manufacture of bulk drugs, drug intermediates, aromatic chemicals, speciality chemicals, rubber additives, pesticides, dyes and dye-intermediates, fine chemicals and organic chemicals etc. Where hydrogenation is the key reaction. The precious metal compounds additionally find application in electroplating.

Products :
MANUFACTURERS OF:- RANEY NICKEL CATALYST (ACTIVE)-FINE GRADE, MEDIUM GRADE, COARSE GRADE, RANEY COPPER CATALYST, RANEY COBALT CATALYST, PALLADIUM ON ACTIVATED CHARCOAL (CARBON).[PALLADIUM CONTENT : 1%, 2%, 3%, 5%, 10% etc.] [DRY or WITH 50% L.O.D.] [Please also refer table for Palladium on carbon catalyst], PALLADIUM ON CALCIUM CARBONATE. [PALLADIUM CONTENT : 1%, 2%, 3%, 5%, 10% etc.] [DRY or WITH 50% L.O.D.], PALLADIUM ON BARIUM SULPHATE, [PALLADIUM CONTENT: 1%, 2%, 3%, 5%, 10% etc. ] [DRY or WITH 50% L.O.D.], PALLADIUM ON ALUMINA BALLS (PALLADIUM ONTENT :0.1% TO 5% Ball size : 1 mm to 5 mm AS PER CUSTOMERS SPECIFICATION), PALLADIUM ON SILICA, PALLADIUM ON KIESELGUHR[PALLADIUM CONTENT: 1%, 2%, 3%, 5%, 10% ETC.] [DRY AND WITH 50% L.O.D.], LINDLAR CATALYST(Palladium on Calcium Carbonate partially deactivated by Lead), Pearlman?s catalyst(20% Palladium hydroxide on Carbon), PLATINUM ON ACTIVATED CHARCOAL (CARBON). [PLATINUM CONTENT : 1%, 2%, 3%, 5%, 10% etc.] [DRY or WITH 50% L.O.D.], PLATINUM OXIDE, PtO2, snuff coloured powder (Adam?s catalyst), Pt content ~ 84 %, RUTHENIUM ON CARBON [RUTHENIUM CONTENT : 1%, 2%, 3%, 5%, 10% etc.] [DRY or WITH 50% L.O.D.], rhodium on alumina powder, Rh ~ 5 %, RHODIUM ON CARBON. [RHODIUM CONTENT : 1%, 2%, 3%, 5%, 10% etc.] [DRY or WITH 50% L.O.D.], NICKEL-ALUMINIUM ALLOY POWDER (50:50), NICKEL-ALUMINIUM ALLOY POWDER (30:70), DEVARDAS ALLOY. [Copper : 50%], [Aluminium 45%][Zinc : 5%], COPPER-ALUMINIUM ALLOY POWDER (50:50), NICKEL OXIDE. NiO(made form spent Nickel catalyst), PALLADIUM ACETATE, Trimer [ Pd (CH3Coo) 2 ] 3 Orange brown coloured crystalline powder, PALLADIUM black Black Powder, PALLADIUM NITRATE Pd NO3)2.XH2ODark brown slurry, palladium (ii) oxide, PdO Dark snuff coloured powder, palladium (ii) chloride, Pdcl2 , Brick Red Powder, BIS (TRIPHENYL PHOSPINE) PALLADIUM (II) CHLORIDE [ (c6 h5 )3 p )]2 Pdcl2 Pale yellow coloured waxy powder, diammnine palladium (II) CHLORIDE, (NH3) 2 PdCl2 Bright Yellow coloured powder, potassium tetrAchloroplatinate K2 [ PtCl4 ] Bright red crystals, water soluble, potassium hexachloroplatinate, K2 [ PtCl6 ] Yellow powder, sparingly soluble in water, CHLOROPLATINIC ACID, H2 [ PtCl6 ] x H2O Orange mass, COLLOIDAL PLATINUM Dark black colloidal solution, Ruthenium TRICHLORIDE, HYDRATE, RuCl3.XH2O shining black crystals, water soluble, Ruthenium TRICHLORIDE, HYDRATE, RuCl3.XH2O shining black crystals, water soluble, Rhodium (II) OCTANATE, DIMER, [rh ( c8h15o2 )2]2 Pale yellow powder, silver on alumina BALLS Balls size 1mm to 5mm as per customer pecification.

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Mr. Vishwanath Shetty


1, Agarwal Industrial Estate, No.3, Sativli Road., Valiv, Vasai (E)
Thane - 401208 (Maharashtra) India

Phone(s) : +91-250-2455454/ 2455757
Mobile :
Fax : +91-250-2455544/ 2338433

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