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Deepak Nitrite Ltd.

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Chemicals Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Public. Ltd. Firm Since 1970

DNL commenced operations in 1970 with a vision to support India's drive towards self - sufficiency and import substitution.Today, it manufactures basic and intermediate chemicals which are used in the manufacture of everyday products.DNL has a global presence in over 20 countries, including USA, European Union & East European nations, Japan, ASEAN countries, South Korea and South America.DNL has been ranked amongst the top 500 Body corporates by Dun and Bradstreet for the last three years.

Products :
Manufactures and exports basic and intermediate chemicals : Agrochemical Intermediates, Intermediates for Colourants & Imaging Chemicals, Custom Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Fine and Speciality Chemicals, Rubber Chemical Intermediates Agrochemical Intermediates : Guanidine Nitrate, Para Cumidine, Hydroxylamine Hydrochloride*, Para-Nitrochlorobenzene, Hydroxalmine Sulphate, 2, 4- Xylidine, Ortho Nitro Chloro Benzene, 2, 6- Xylidine, Ortho Phenylene Diamine, Ortho Nitro Toluene Custom Manufacturing : Acylation, High Pressure/Temprature Oxidations, Alkali Fusion, High Temperature Fusion Reactions, Alkylation, Hydrogenation, Amination, Nitration, Chlorination, Oxidative Brominatin, Diazotisation, Reductive alkylation, Esterification, Sulphonation Fine and Speciality Chemicals : N, N-Diethyl Meta Amino Phenol, Para-Nitrotoluene, Guanidine Nitrate, Para-Toluidine, Ortho-Toluidine, Sodium Nitrite, N-Phenyl-1-Naphthyl Amine, Sodium Nitrate, Dinitrosopentamethylene Tetramine, 2 ? Ethylhexyl Nitrate*, Ortho Nitro Toluene, Ortho Phenylene Diamine, Resorcinol Intermediates for Colourants & Imaging Chemicals : N, N-Diethyl Meta Amino Phenol, Ortho-Toluidine, Hydroxylamine Sulphate, Ortho-Phenylenediamine, Meta-Nitrotoluene*, Para-Nitroaniline*, Meta-Toluidine, Para-Nitrotoluene, Ortho-Anisidine, Para-Nitrochlorobenzene, Ortho-Nitroaniline*, Resorcinol, Ortho-Nitroanisole*, Sodium Nitrite, Ortho-Nitrochlorobenzene, 2, 4 Xylidine, Ortho-Nitrotoluene Pharmaceutical Intermediates : Guanidine Nitrate, Ortho Phenylene Diamine, Hydroxylamine Hydrochloride*, Para-Nitrochlorobenzene, Hydroxylamine Sulphate, Sodium Nitrite, Ortho-Nitrochlorobenzene, 2, 6 - Xylidine, Meta Toluidine, Para Nitro Toluene, Ortho Nitro Toluene, Para Toluidine, Ortho Toluidine, Resorcinol Rubber Chemical Intermediates : Dinitrosopentamethylene Tetramine, Para-Nitrochlorobenzene, Hydroxylamine Hydrochloride*, Resorcinol, Ortho-Toluidine.

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Rubber Chemical Intermediates
DNL is India's major supplier of Resorcinol to tyre manufacturers. DNPT (Blovel), a trademarked product used in the footwear industry. The company is a leading supplier o....

Custom Manufacturing Chemical
DNL works with leading companies under strict agreements of confidentiality for development and manufacture of highly-specialised products for their specific requirements....

Pharmaceutical Intermediates Chemical
DNL is a leading producer of high purity chemicals, which are extensively used in the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients through expertise developed over th....

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Mr. Harish S. Patel

Deepak Nitrite Ltd.

Deepak Complex,
National Games Road,
Pune - 411006 (Maharashtra) India

Phone(s) : +91-20-56090200
Mobile :
Fax : +91-20-26685448

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