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Industrial Carbons Pvt. Ltd.

Ankleshwar, Gujarat, India

Chemicals Products - Manufacturer,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 1970

Industrial Carbons Pvt. Ltd. Is a pioneer in India for Activated Carbons. Since 1970, we have been meeting various industrial demands for toughest purification, separation and concentration needs. In India we have mastered manufacture of Granular Activated Carbons, Powdered Activated Carbons, Special Synthetic Carbons, Pelleted Activated Carbons and Impregnated Activated Carbons. We deliver customized products and services to our clients.
Our manufacturing facility is examplary for others. We rely largely on our machines and manufacturing staff for quality activated carbons. Our machinery includes Raw Material Screeners, Rotary kilns (Activators), Crushers, Sieve Distributors, etc. And other sophisticated quality control equipments.
Our client list is the testimony of confidence of various industries in us. We have wide base across the nation and our clients list includes many prestigious names involved in metal extraction (e.G. Gold), water purification, medicine, wastewater treatment, filters in gas and filter masks and automobile emissions control.

Products :
Manufacture of Granular Activated Carbons, Powdered Activated Carbons, Special Synthetic Carbons, Pelleted Activated Carbons and Impregnated Activated Carbons. Granular Activated Carbons: Granular Activated carbon are the best of removing processing impurities. It exhibits selective and preferential adsorption. Organic isomers could be separated or it could be used as catalyst carrier. Granular Carbons are useful in deodourizing, deoiling, of compressed gases, separation of rare gases, enhancing the aroma of potable alcohol, removal of oil from condensate, dechlorination of process water, solvent recovery, air purification of drinking water, removal of mercury from effluents etc. Regenerative Type Granular Activated Carbons: By advanced technology we manufacturer Regenerative Type Granular Carbons, which can be regenerated in situ / thermally, and used over and over again, it doesn't generates solid waste. Powdered Activated Carbons: We lay special emphasis on Powder Carbons. We manufacture this grade of carbons by the latest and most modern method of ?Chemical Activation?, the latest technology introduced by Japan to manufacture high quality Powder Carbons. The other conventional method to manufacture Powder Carbons is by steam activation, which dates back to 1st World War. Our product, Chemically Activated Grade ICP-20 is leads the market by way of lesser generation of solid waste with regard to used Activated Carbons. Synthetic Carbons: We are probably the only successful manufactures of Special Synthetic Carbons which is most suitable for NBC suits.

Contact Info

Mr. Satyen Rohit kumar / Mr. N. P. Pillai

Industrial Carbons Pvt. Ltd.

Kns, 2/6, Ankleshwar - Rajpipla Road, Near National Highway Crossing, ONGC Post office
Ankleshwar - 393 010 (Gujarat) India

Phone(s) : +91-2646-251512/222108
Mobile :
Fax : +91-2646-250273

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