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Tianjin TASLY Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Tianjin, , China

Chemicals Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Public. Ltd. Firm Since 1994

TASLY Group was founded on May 10th, 1994. It is located in Beichen hi-tech Park, Tianjin, China, and occupies 170, 000 square meters. It is a well-known modern Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) pharmaceutical enterprise whick does scientific research & development, production and marketing.

Focusing on general health products, TASLY has extended its business to five more categories including herb cultivation, health products, cosmetics, healthy liquor and new types of packaging on the basis of its powerful pharmaceutical R&D.

Since it was established 9 years ago, TASLY has regarded high-technology as the core of its development, marketing as the guide and quality as the safeguard. TASLY group has grown up at an amazing speed, and now it has become one of the 14 largest enterprises in Tianjin.

TASLY has set up three herbal plantation bases in the cities of Shangluo, Wenshan and xinhuang, which are located in provinces of Shanxi , Yunnan and Hunan, respectively. TASLY has pioneered the concept of GEP (Good Extracting Practice) to standardize the processes for extraction of medicinal herbs. TASLY has exclusively developed highly-efficient, automatic and intelligent machines which can produce a new generation of dripping pills. TASLY succeeded
In gaining approvals of GMP both from Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of Australia and State Drug Administration (SDA) of China. TASLY has organized a modern Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) industrial chain which is formed in accordance with international standards including Good Clinical Practice (GCP), Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and GSP etc.

TASLY has been making efforts to promote the globalization of TCM. The R&D Institutes of TASLY has set up partnership with domestic and overseas academic institutes; such as Keio University, Japan, Medical University of L?beck, Germany, and Monash University and Baker Laboratory, Australia. In order to spread the culture of TCM, TASLY has sponsored and organized the first Chinese Medical Culture Festival. TASLY has also made great efforts to distribute its products over the world. For example, Cardiotonic Pill has been registered in a number of countries. Furthermore, it has entered the main stream of medical markets in a number of countries such as South Korea, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Russia, South Africa, Cuba, Singapore and Mongolia. TASLY has also set up offices in South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, Russia, South Africa, USA and France.

Tianjin TASLY Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a major subsidiary company of TASLY group, was listed in Shanghai Stock Market in 2002.Cardiotonic Pill, its first and most important product, , has been the best-sell since 2002 among cardiovascular medicines. The Nourishing Blood and Cleaning Brain Granula was put on the market in 2000, which
Is mainly used to treat headache caused by hypertension. Two years later, it reached the first place in sales volume within the same category of medicine.

Products :
Research & Development, Production and Marketing of herb cultivation, health products, cosmetics, healthy liquor. Our Products: Botanical Medicine Chemicals Medical Package Extracts Liquor & Cigarette Material Medica Health Products. Botanical Medicine:- - Cardiotonic Pill - Huoxiang Zhengqi Dripping Pills - Nourishing Blood & Cleaning Brain Granule - Jing Hua Wei Kang Capsule - Bupleuri Dripping Pill - Silibinin Capsules. Chemicals:- - Raw material and intermediate - Bezafibrate Tablets. Extracts:- - 10-Deacetyl Baccatin III - 5-HTP - Quercetin - Resveratrol - Sinomenine - Angelica P.E. - Astragalus P.E. - Black Cohosh P.E. - Citrus Aurantium P.E. - Dan shen P.E. - Epimedium P.E. - Fo-Ti P.E. - Ginger P.E. - Grape Seed P.E. - Gynostemma Pentaphyllum P.E. - Hawthorn Leaf P.E. - Hawthorn Berry P.E. - Horsetail P.E. - Oat Straw P.E. - Puerariae P.E. - Red Clover P.E. - Rhodiola Rosea P.E. - Schisandra Chinensis P.E. - Siberian Ginseng P.E. Material Medica:- - Notoginseng Tubers - Notoginseng Cuttings - Notoginseng Main Roots - Notoginseng Hair Roots - Notoginseng Flowers - Notoginseng Leaves - Fresh Notoginseng - Notoginseng Leaves Saponin - Notoginseng Saponin - Danshen Raw Materials - Danshen Crude Slices - Natural(+) Borneol - Natural(+) Borneol - Camphor Extract. Health Products:- - Pure Natural Bee Products - Notoginseng Health Products - Other Healthcare Products.

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Tianjin TASLY Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Tasly Modern TCM Garden,
Beichen Hi-Tech Park
Tianjin - 300402 () China

Phone(s) : +86-22-2673 6808 / 26736617/81636560
Mobile :
Fax : +86-22-26736618

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