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Mil-Spec Industries Corp.

Roslyn heights, , United States

Chemicals Products - Manufacturer, Trader,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1992

Manufacturer & suppliers of special chemicals, explosives, propellants, ammunition, pyrotechnic & ordnance components, demilitarization products, military equipment and machinery, law enforcement products and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) products & solutions.Our worldwide network of manufactures, joint venture productions, offices, agents etc., allow us to provide our customers with the latest technology and special applications as well as most competitive prices. Among our customers are: Governments, Armies, Hi-Tech organizations & commercial industries.

Products :
Manufacturer & suppliers of special chemicals, explosives, propellants, ammunition, pyrotechnic & ordnance components, demilitarization products, military equipment and machinery, law enforcement products and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) products & solutions. Chemical List : 1, 1, 1-TRICHLOROETHANE 1, 2, 3-BENZOTRIAZOLE 1, 2 ACID 1, 2-DIETHOXI-BENZENE 1, 3, 3-TRIMETHYL-2-METHYLENE 1, 3, 3-TRIMETHYL-2-METHYLENE IDOLINE 1, 3, 5-KETONE 1, 3-DICHLORO ACETONE 1, 3-DIETHENYL-1, 1, 3, 3-TETRAMETHLY-DISILOXANE 1, 3-DIMETHYL-2-IMIDAZOLIDINONE 1, 3-PHENYLENE DIAMINE-4, 6-DISLFONIC ACID 1, 4 ACID 1, 4-BENZOQUINONE 1, 4-BUTYNEDIOT 1, 4-DIAMINO ANTHRAQUINONE 1, 4-DIAMINO-2, 3-DICHLORO ANTHRAQUINONE 1, 4-DIAMINO-2, 3-DICYANO ANTHRAQUINONE 1, 4-DIHYDROXY ANTHRAQUINONE 1, 5-DIAMINO ANTHRAQUINONE 1, 5-DICHLORO ANTHRAQUINONE 1, 5-NAPHTHALENE DISULFONIC DISODIUM SALT 1, 6/1, 7 CLEVES ACID MIXTURE 1, 6 CLEVE'S ACID 1, 7 CLEVE'S ACID 1, 8-DIAMINO ANTHRAQUINONE 1, 8-DICHLORO ANTHRAQUINONE 1.4-DIHYDROXYANTHRAQUINONE 1.8-NAPHTHALIC ANHYDRIDE 1(4'-SULFOPHENYL)-3METHYL-5-PARAZOLONE 1-(2', 5'-DICHLORO-4'-SULFOPHENYL)-3-METHYLPYR- 1-(4'-SULFONIC) PHENYL-3-METHYL-5-PARAZOLONE 1-ACETAMIDE-7-NAPHTHOL 1-ACETAMINO-7-NAPHTHOL 1-AMINO ANTHRAQUINONE 1-AMINO-2-BROMO-4-HYDROXY ANTHRAQUINONE 1-AMINO-2-NAPHTHOL-4-SULFONIC 1-AMINO-4-BROMOANTHRAQUINONE 1-AMINO-6-NAPHTOL 1-AMINOANTHRAQUINONE 1-CHLORO ANTHRAQUINONE 1-METHYL-TETRAZOLE-5-THIOL 1-NAPHTHAL 1-NAPHTHALENE-5-SULFONIC ACID 1-NAPHTHOL 1-NAPHTHYLAMINE 1-NAPHTHYLAMINE-6-SULFONIC ACID 1-NAPHTHYLAMINE-7-SULFONIC ACID 1-PHENYL-3-METHYL-5-PYRAZOLONE 10-UNDECENOIC ACID 12-HYDROXY STEAIL ALOID 1941 FAST YELLOW GR 1H-THTRAZOL-1-ACETIC ACID 2, 2'-DIMETHYL BENZIDINE HYDROCHLORIDE 2, 3, 4-TRIFLUORANILINE 2, 3, 4-TRIFLUORO NITROBENZENE 2, 3-DICHLORO-1, 4-DIAMINO ANTHRAQUINONE 2, 4, 5-TRICHLORO ANILINE 2, 4, 5-TRIFLUORO BENZOIC ACID 2, 4, 6-TRICHLORO ANILINE 2, 4, 6-TRIMETHY-2, 5-DIAMINO BENZENE SULFONIC- 2, 4 D ACID 2, 4 D DIMETHYLAMINE 2, 4 D SODIUM SALT 2, 4 DINITRO CHLOROBENZENE 2, 4 DINTIRO ANILINE 2, 4-D ACID 2, 4-D BUTYL ESTER 2, 4-D SODIUM SALT 2, 4-DIAMINO BENZENE SULFONIC ACID 2, 4-DIAMINO SULFONIC ACID SODIUM SALT 2, 4-DIAMINO TOLUENE 2, 4-DICHALARPLENOL 2, 4-DICHLONBENOXYCHORIDE 2, 4-DICHLORO BENZOIC ACID 2, 4-DICHLORO FLUORO BENZENE 2, 4-DICHLORO-5-FLUORO ACETOPHENONE 2, 4-DICHLORO-5-FLUORO BENZOIC ACID 2, 4-DICHLORODENZALDEHYDE 2, 4-DICHLOROFLUOROBENZENE 2, 4-DICHLOROPHENOL 2, 4-DIFLUORO ANILINE 2, 4-DIFLUORO PHENOL 2, 4-DIMETHYL ANILINE 2, 4-DIMITRO-6-BROMO ANILINE 2, 4-DINITRO ANILINE 2, 4-DINITRO BENZENE SULFONIC ACID 2, 4-DINITRO CHLOROBENZENE 2, 4-DINITRO FLUORO BENZENE 2, 4-DINITRO PHENOL 2, 4-DINITRO-6-BRONO ANILINE 2, 4-DINITRO-6-CHLORO ANILINE 2, 4-DINITROANILINE 2, 4D ACID 2, 4D AMINE 2, 4D BUTYL ETHER 2, 4D SODIUM SALT 2, 5-DICHLORO ANILINE 2, 5-DICHLORO NITROBENZENE 2, 6-DIAMINO ANTHRAQUINONE 2, 6-DIBROMO-4-METHYL ANILINE 2, 6-DIBROMO-4-NITRO ANILINE 2, 6-DICHLORO ANILINE 2, 6-DICHLORO-4-NITRO ANILINE 2, 6-DICHLORO-5-FLUORO BENZENE 2, 6-DICHLORO-P-NITRO ANILINE 2, 6-DIMETHYL ANILINE 2, 8-DIHYDROXY-3-NAPTHOIC ACID 2.3-DICYANO-1, 4-DIAMINO ANTHRAQUINONE 2.4-D AMINE 2.5-DIMETHOXY ANILINE 2'-HYCHROXY-3-PHENYLPROPIOPHENONE 2-(M-AMINOPHENYLSULFONY)ETHYL 2-(N, N-DIACETOXYETHYL) AMINO-4-ACETAMINOANI- 2-(N, N-DIHYDROXYETHYL) AMINO-4-ACETAMINOANI- 2-(P-AMINOPHENYLSULFONY) 2-AMINO ANTHRAQUINONE 2-AMINO BENZOTHIAZOLE 2-AMINO METHYL-PHENOL 2-AMINO PHENOL-4-SULFAMIDE 2-AMINO THIAZOLE 2-AMINO-3.5-DIBROMO BENZOIC ACID 2-AMINO-4-ACETAMINO ANISOLE 2-AMINO-4-ACETOANISIDINE 2-AMINO-4-METHY IPHENOL 2-AMINO-4-NITROPHENOL 2-AMINO-4-SULFOBENZOIC ACID 2-AMINO-5, (7, )6-DICHLOROBENZOTHIAZOLE 2-AMINO-5, 6-DICHLORO BENZOTHTAZOLE 2-AMINO-5(7), 6-DICHLORO BENZO 2-AMINO-5-CHLORO-BENZOPHENONE 2-AMINO-5-CHLORO-P-TOLUENE SULFONIC ACID 2-AMINO-5-THIAZOLE 2-AMINO-6-CHLORO BENZOTHIAZOLE 2-AMINO-6-METHOXY BENZOTHIAZOLE 2-AMINO-6-NITRO BENZOTHIAZOLE 2-AMINOANTHRAQUINONE 2-AMINOPROPANOIC ACID 2-AMINOTHIAZOLE 2-ANANINE 2-ANILINE 1, 5-DISULFONIC ACID 2-BROMO-4-NITRO ANILINE 2-CHLORO ANTHRAQUINONE 2-CHLORO-5-BROME-TRIFLUOROMETHYL BENZENE 2-CHLORO-5-BROMO-TRIFLUOROMETH 2-CHLORO-5-BROMO-TRIFLUORO TOLUENE 2-CHLOROANILINE-5-SULFONIC ACID 2-CHLOROANTHRAQUINONE 2-CHORO-PROIONIC ACID 2-CYANO-4-NITRO ANILINE 2-CYANO-4-NITRO-6-BROME ANILINE 2-CYANO-4-NITROANILINE 2-ETHYL ANTHRAQUINONE 2-ETHYL HEXANOL 2-ETHYLANTHRAQUINONE 2-FLUORO-5-AMINO-3-FLUORO BENZENE 2-FLUORO-5-NITRO-BENZOTRIFLUORIDE 2-HYDROXY-3-NAPHTHOIC ACID 2-HYDROXY-R-AMINO BUTYRIC ACID 2-IMINO-3-(2-HYDROXY-2-PHENETH 2-MEHTYL INDOLE 2-METHOXY NAPHTHALONE 2-METHOXYMINO-2-(2-AMINOTHIAZOI)-4-ACETIC A- 2-METHYL PIPERAZINE 2-METHYL-5-MERCAPTO-1, 3, 4 2-METHYLFURAN 2-METHYOXY-5-METHYL-SULFONYL BENZOIC ACID 2-NAPHTHALENE-4, 8-DISULFONIC ACID 2-NAPHTHOL 2-NAPHTHYLAMINE-1, 5-DISULFONIC ACID 2-NAPHTHYLAMINO-4, 8-DISULFONIC ACID 2-NITRO-1, 1-BIMBTHYL THCO ETHENE 2-NITRO-4-METHYL PHENOL Coatings/Sealants/Adhesives : 12473 Enamel, TT-E-1593 2 Component Epoxy Adhesive MIL-R-2931 2 Part Epoxy Coating MIL-A-47074 2 Part Epoxy Coating MIL-D-1000 2 Part Epoxy Compound, MIL-R-23461 2 Part Epoxy-Optically Clear MIL-A-4889 2 Part Sealing Compound MIL-C-83982 36251 Flat Gray Air Dry Lacquer, MIL-L-13629C Absorbent Material For Floors & Deicers A-A-1979 Acid Gasoline and Oil Resistant Lacquer TT-L-54C Acrylic Alkyd Thinner, Type III, MIL-T-81772 Acrylic Lacquer, Type II, TT-L-50G Acrylic Nitrocellulose Lacquer Thinner, MIL-T-19544B Acrylic or Styrene-Acrylic Lacquer TT-L-47C Adhesive and sealing Compound, Epoxy, Metal Filled MMM-A-1754 Adhesive and Sealing Compounds MIL-A-82484 Adhesive and Sealing Compounds MMM-A-105 Adhesive Epoxy MIL-A-14042A Adhesive for Bonding Demolition Charges MIL-A-60091 Adhesive for Plastic Inhibitors MIL-A-3167A Adhesive Paste MMM-A-177B Adhesive Plastic Table Top to Aluminum MIL-A-21366 Adhesive Varnish, MIL-V-6093 Adhesive, Acrylic Monomer Base MIL-A-8576B Adhesive, Binding MMM-A-121 Adhesive, Brake Lining to Metal MIL-A-46091A Adhesive, Cellulose Nitrate Base MIL-A-4833 Adhesive, Curing Compound for Bonding Metal to Metal MIL-S-11031B Adhesive, Epoxy MIL-A-52194A Adhesive, Epoxy Resin, Metal to Metal Structural Bonding MMM-A-134 Adhesive, Epoxy Resins MIL-A-81236 Adhesive, Epoxy, Flexible, Filled MMM-A-001993 Adhesive, Epoxy, Silver Filled, Conductive MMM-A-1931 Adhesive, Epoxy, Two Part (Medium Viscosity) MIL-A-23941 Adhesive, Flexible MIL-A-24179A Adhesive, Heat Resistant Metal to Metal MIL-A-5090D Adhesive, Heat Resistant MMM-A-132 Adhesive, Innertube Repair MMM-A-182A Adhesive, Metal Identification Plate MIL-A-22895 Adhesive, Metal to Wood MMM-A-138A Adhesive, Metallic Structure Sandwich Construction MIL-A-25463 Type I, Class I or II Adhesive, Natural or Synthetic MMM-A-139A Adhesive, Optical, Thermosetting MIL-A-3920C Adhesive, Paper Label MMM-A-178A Adhesive, Paper Label MMM-A-179A Adhesive, Paste for Demolition Charges MIL-A-374A Adhesive, Patching MIL-A-43316A Adhesive, Repair of Radome, Air MIL-A-43365 Adhesive, Room Temperature and Intermediate Temperature MIL-A-46051 Adhesive, Rubber Base Pressurized Dispensers MMM-A-001058A Adhesive, Rubber Base, General Purpose MMM-A-1617 Adhesive, Sealants, Silicone, RTV, Noncorrosive MIL-A-46146A Adhesive, Sealant-Silicone, General Purpose MIL-A-46106A Adhesive, Solvent Type Polyvinylchloride MIL-A-22010A Adhesive, Special Rapic Room Temperature MIL-A-46050A Adhesive, Synthetic Rubber MIL-A-13883B Adhesive, Vinyl Acetate Resin Emulsion MMM-A-193C Adhesive, Water Resistant MIL-A-101A Adhesives, Epoxy MIL-A-47280 Adhesives-Bonds Vulcanized Synthetic Rubber Parts MIL-A_1154C Adhesive-Starch Powder MIL-A-17682C Air Dry Enamel TT-E-515 Air Dry Enamel, Bake Enamel, Types II, III & IV, MIL-E-5557 Air Dry Enamel, Class A, TT-E-489G Air Dry Enamel, MIL-E-52227 Air Dry Enamel, Type I, Class I, MIL-E-16663 Air dry Enamel, Types I & II, Class I & II, MIL-E-15090 Air Dry, Low VOC, Alkyd Enamel, TT-E-527D Aircraft Emulsion Cleaning Compound MIL-C-25179 Aircraft general Purpose Extreme Pressure Grease MIL-G-7711 Aircraft High Temperature Grease MIL-G-3545 Aircraft Sealing Compound MIL-S-7124B Airfield Runway, Marking Paint TT-P-85E Alkali Type Remover for Hot Application, TT-R-230B Alkaline Cleaner MIL-C-22543 Alkaline Scrubbing Soap (Powder) A-A-44 Alkaline Water-Base Cleaner MIL-C-25769 Alkyd Flat Paint TT-P-30E Alkyd Primer Coating-Red Lead Type, DOD-P-17545D Alkyd Primer Paint-Red Lead Type, MIL-P-17544 Alkyd Resin semigloss for Use on Primed Wood and Metal, TT-E-529C Alkyd Resin Spar Varnish TT-V-00109C Alkyd Resin Striping and Stenciling Paint-Brown, Semigloss, MIL-E-20090A Alkyd Undercoat Used as Primer for Interior Enamel, TT-E-545B Alkyd, Semigloss Enamel in White and Tints, TT-E-509B Aluminum Metal Polish MIL-P-6888C Aluminum Paste Extra Fine, Type II, Class A, TT-P-320 Aluminum Paste Standard Grade, Type II, Class B, TT-P-320 Aluminum Pigment TT-P-320D Ammunition Varnish, MIL-V-13750B Anaerobic Single Component Sealing Compound MIL-S-22473D Anifreeze-Inhibited, Ethylene Glycol Base, Coolant A-A-870A Animal Glue MMM-A-100D Anti Seize Comp. High Temp. MIL-A-907D Anti-Corrosive Alkyd Primer, MIL-P-52977 Antifogging Compound O-A-549A Antiseize, Compound G.P., White Lead Base TT-A-00580D Anti-Sweet Paint TT-C-492C Arctic Lube Oil MIL-L-46167 Aromatic Naptha Thinner TT-N-97C Ashless Dispersant Lubricant Oil for Aircrafts MIL-L-22851 Asphalt Tile Cement MMM-A-115C Asphalt-Base and Aluminum Pigmented Roof Coating, TT-C-00498A Automatic Weapons Lubricant DOD-L-85336 Automobile Polish (Liquid & Paste) A-A-15 Automobile Wax (Paste) P-W-120C Automotive Dipping Primer, MIL-P-14553 Automotive Rust proofing MIL-C-83933A Bake Enamel S/G, Type II, TT-E-529F Bake Enamel, Class B, TT-E-489G Bake Enamel, Type II, Class II, MIL-E-16663A Bake Enamel, Type III, Class I & II, MIL-E-15090C Battery Sealing Compound DOD-C-2687b Binder Adhesive, Epoxy Resin-Flexible MMM-B-00350 Bituminous Coating Compound, TT-C-494 Black Acid-Proof Paint with Asphalt Base MIL-C-450C Black Asphalt Varnish TT-V-51F Black High Heat Resisting, MIL-P-48699 Black Oxide MIL-C-46110 Black Polyisobutyl Primer, MIL-P-22298 Black-Non Reflectorized Traffic Paint TT-P-110C Blue Wash Primer, MIL-P-15328C Boat-Topping Enamel for Wooden and Steel Boats, MIL-P-15123A Boiled Linseed-Oils TT-L-190D Boiler Compound MIL-B-3242 Boiler Descaler MIL-C-24155 Brake Fluid, Silicone, Automotive, All Weather MIL-B-46176 Bullet Paint Indentification Coating, MIL-L-10287B Bullet Tipping Paint, MIL-P-4812 Butyl Alcohol Thinner, TT-B-846 Calibrating Fluid MIL-C-7024 Calibrating Fluid, Aircraft Fuel Systems MIL-C-7024C Type II Canada Basalm MIL-B-3469C Carbon & Paint Remover MIL-C-25107 Carbon Removing Compound P-C-111D Carbon-Removing Compound MIL-C-19853 Casein Glue in Powder Form MMM-A-125C Caulking Compound for Gasket Connections HH-C-536A Caulking Compound MIL-C-15705A Caulking Compound TT-C-00598C Caulking Compound with Synthetic Rubber Base MIL-C-18255D Caulking Compounds A-A-272 Caulking Compounds, Metal Seam and Wood Seam TT-C-1796A Caulking Compound-Watertights Exterior Hull Seams of Vessels MIL-C-18969B Cellulose Nitrate Dope Thinner, MIL-T-6095A Cellulose Nitrate Dope Thinner, MIL-T-6095B Cellulose Nitrate-Modified Alkyd Yellow Primer Comp. L, Fast Dry, MIL-P-7962D Cement for Reconditoning Tires and Inner Tubes ZZ-T-416G Cement Natural Rubber MIL-C-23092B Cement Rubber MIL-C-897A Cement, Epoxy, Metal Repair DOD-C-24176B Chalkboard Coating Paint, Type II, TT-P-32B Chemical Conversion Materials for Coating Aluminum MIL-C-81706 Chemically Cured Polyurethane Molding, MIL-P-47298 Chrome-Green Paint TT-P-71E Cleaing Compound For Aerospace Equipment MIL-C-87937 Clean Compound, High Pressure Cleaner, Liquid MIL-C-22542B Clean Compound, Solvent Soluble Grease Emulsifying P-C-444B Cleaner Lubricant (Preservative Gun) MIL-L-63460 Cleaner MIL-C-85570 Cleaning comp. (Water-less) for Aircraft Surfaces MIL-C-22550 Cleaning Comp. Solvent (Solvent & Antifreeze, Conc.) O-C-1889 Cleaning Compound For Aircraft Exteriors MIL-C-87936 Cleaning Compound For Aircraft Surfaces MIL-C-43616 Cleaning Compound for Aluminum Surfaces MIL-C-5410 Cleaning Compound For Engine Cooling System MIL-C-10597 Cleaning Compound Solvent O-C-1824 Cleaning Compound, High Pressure (steam) Cleaner P-C-437B Clear Adhesive Sealing Compound, Type III, MIL-A-388 Clear Adhesive, Type I, MIL-A-82484 Clear Adhesive/Sealing Compound, Type III, MIL-A-82484 Clear Cellulose Nitrate Dope, MIL-D-5553A Clear Gloss Acrylic Lacquer, MIL-L-19537 Clear Gloss Butyrate, MIL-D-5549B Clear Gloss Varnish TT-V-71H Clear Gloss Varnish, MIL-V-6894 Clear Lacquer, MIL-S-30132 Clear Lacquer, Type II, MIL-L-10287 Coal Applied Coal-Tar Base Coating MIL-C-18480A Coat Stripper-Nonflamable, TT-R-243 Coating Compound, Chemical Resistant, Clear TT-C-499A Coating Compound, Reflective TT-C-001060A Coating Compound, Temporary Project MIL-C-46157 Coating Compound, Thermal Insulating, MIL-C-46081A Coating Compound, Thermal Insulation Pipe Covering MIL-C-19565C Coating Compound, Type I & II, MIL-C-450C Coating Compound-Metal Pretreatment Resin Resistant, DOD-P-15328B Coating Kit, Topcoat, Pigmented, Mil-C-38427A Coating Polyester Epoxy TT-C-545B Coating Polyurethane, Oil Free TT-C-542E Coating Systems, Elastomeric MIL-C-27315A Coating Systems, Epoxy MIl-C-22751D Coating Urethane, Aliphatic Isocyanate, MIL-C-83286B Coating, Corrosion Prevent, Air, Fuel Tanks MIL-C-27725B Type I or 2, Class A or B Coating, Epoxy, Two Component, for Interior Use, TT-C-535B Coating, Polyurethane Thermal Resistant, MIL-C-27227 Coating, System Bridging, Sprayable MIL-C-3254 Type I, II & III Coating, Textured for Masonry Surfaces, TT-C-00555B Coatings, Lusterless for Helmets and Liners, MIL-C-43460B Coatings, Polyurethane, Rain, Erosion Resistant MIL-C-83231 Colorless Acrylic Resin Coating, MIL-C-17504B Compound Composed of Plastic or Resinous Binders MIL-S-17377D Compound, Deck Covering, MIL-C-81346B Concentrated Naphthenate Solution, TT-D-00643C Conformal Coating MIL-A-46058 Conformal Coating, Electronic Circuits MIL-C-4715 Type I Corrosion Coating MIL-C-82052 Corrosion Compound MIL-C-23050 Corrosion Preventive Compound MIL-C-81309C Corrosion Preventive Compound, Water-Emulsifiable, Oil Type MIL-C-40084B Corrosion Preventive Compound-Liquid Application MIL-C-23411A Corrosion Preventive Finger Print Remover for Metallic Surfaces MIL-C-15074C Corrosion Preventive for Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys MIL-C-5541A Corrosion Preventive for Jet Engines MIL-C-6529 Corrosion Preventive for Turbo Prop Engines MIL-C-8188 Corrosion Preventive Solution Concentrate, MIL-P-20088 Corrosion Removing Compound MIL-C-14460 Corrosion Removing Compound MIL-C-46156 Corrosion-Removing Compound MIL-C-38334 Corrosive Preventive Soluble Oil MIL-C-4339C Deck Coating MIL-C-24667 Deck Coating, DOD-C-24667 Deck Enamel-Black, Semigloss, DOD-C-698C Deck Enamel-Dark Green Flat, DOD-E-18214B Deck Enamel-Gray, Semigloss, DOD-C-699D Deck Enamel-Terra Cotta, DOD-E-18210B Decontaminating Cleaning Compound MIL-C-7907 Deicing-Defrosting Fluid MIL-A-8243 Denatured Alcohol, MIL-A-6091 Deodorant, G.P. (Concentrated) A-A-98 Deodorant, General Purpose (Urinal Cake) A-A-266A Deordant, G.P. (Aerosol Air Freshner) A-A-267A Desealant, Integral Fuel and Oil Tanks MIL-D-9063A Detergent, Laundry, Liquid MIL-D-43966 Detergent, Synthetic Anionic MIL-D-26937 Dishwashing Compounds, Hand A-A-5A Dishwashing Compounds, Machine A-A-682 Dishwashing Compounds, Machine A-A-684 Disinfectant, G.P. (Phenolic Type) A-A-1439 Disinfectant, G.P. (Quarternary Ammonium Compound) A-A-1441 Disinfectant, General Purpose (Phenolic Type) A-A-1438 Disinfectant-Detergent, G.P. (Lodophor) A-A-1440 Dope, Cellulose-Acetate-Butyrate Clear Undercoating, MIL-D-5549B Dope, Flat Cellulose-Acetate-Butyrate, MIL-D-5550A Dope, Glossy Cellulose-Acetate-Butyrate, MIL-D-5551B Dry Cleaning Solvent P-D-680 Type I & II Dry Cleaning Solvent, ASTM-D-235 Dry Lacquer Base for Shellac Varnish-Bleached and Orange, TT-S-300A Dull Black Exterior Enamel, DOD-P-15146B Dust-Zinc Oxide Linseed Oil Primer, TT-P-641G Ehiting-Fine Powder, MIL-W-15234B Elastomer Coating MIL-C-7439D Emulsion Cleaner MIL-C-490 Enamel Air Dry, S/G, Type I, TT-E-529F Enamel Dark Green Solar Heat Resist, MIl-E-46061 Enamel, Aerosol TT-E-488 Enamel, Alkyd, Camouflage, Flash Dry, MIL-E-52929 Enamel, Alkyd, Camouflage, MIL-E-52798A Enamel, Electrical-Insulating, MIl-E-22118B Enamel, Gloss, Synthetic, TT-E-001384 Enamel, Lusterless, Quick Drying MIL-E-74B Enamel, Lusterless, Quick Drying, Solar Heat Reflecting, MIl-E-46096C Enamel, MIL-E-5556 Enamel, Modified Alkyd, Camouflage, Lusterless, MIL-E-52835A Enamel, Semigloss for Metal and Wood Furniture, TT-E-001793 Enamel, Silicone Alkyd Copolymer, Semigloss, TT-E-490E Enamel, Type II, MIL-E-480 Enamel, Type II, MIL-E-52798 Enamel-Binder for AntiSweat Coating, MIL-P-15144A Enamel-Lusterless Air Dry or Bake, TT-E-527 Engraving Filler TT-F-336E Engraving Filler, Type II, TT-F-325 Enzyme-Based Cleaner MIL-C-83873 Epoxy Adhesive MIL-A-85705 Epoxy Bonding Compound DOD-C-24176 Epoxy Coating, MIL-R-83397 Epoxy Paint Stripper, MIL-R-8633 Epoxy Resin for Pipe Repair MIL-R-17882C Epoxy Resin MIL-C-47116 Epoxy Resin MIL-C-47258 Epoxy Resin Paste MMM-A-187A Epoxy Thinner, Type II, MIL-T-81772 Epoxy, OS-11773 Epoxy-Polyamide Chemical and Solvent Resistant Finish, Type I, MIL-C-22750D Epoxy-Polyamide Prime, Type II, Green, MIL-P-23377 Ester Alcohol, AMS-3170 Ethyl Acetate, Technical, TT-E-751C Exterior Oil Paint-Lead-Zinc, Titanium Base TT-P-102D Exterior Wood Stain, TT-S-708A Fast Drying Contact Cement MIL-C-4003 Fast Drying Paste MMM-A-110B Fast-Drying Flat Alkyd Resin, TT-E-516A Fast-Drying Lusterless Finish Coat on Military Equipment, TT-E-515A Filler Dent-Metal Surface, MIL-F-52252 Filler for Cracks in Wood, Metal Concrete and Cement TT-F-320 Filler for Wood TT-F-340C Filler, Surface, Styrene TT-F-1098C Fine Wrinkle Enamel-Type I, Coarse Wrinkle Enamel, Type II, MIL-E-5558 Fire Retardant Enamel, DOD-E-24607 Fire Retardant Paint TT-P-26C Fire-Resistant Adhesive MIL-A-3316B Flat Varnish Finish TT-V-85C Fllor Cleaning Compound A-A-1992 Floor Finish (Non-Buffing) P-F-430C Floor Polish Remover A-A-86D1 Floor Sealer, Class I, TT-S-171B Floor Sealer, Class II, TT-S-171 Floor, Porch and Deck Enamel, TT-E-487D Fluid, Power Transmission MIL-F-17111A Fluorescent Paint Remover, MIL-R-21972 Fluoridated Laundry Scour A-A-1374 Freon Cleaner MIL-C-81302 Freon T.E.S. Solvent MIL-C-85447 Fuel Engine Primer O-F-1044B Fuel Tank & Bilge Cleaner MIL-C-22230 Fuel Tank Coating MIL-C-27227 Full Glass for Indoor General Use TT-L-58E Fungicidal Butyrate Dope, MIL-D-7850 Furniture Polish P-P-553B G.P. Detergent Glassware & Surgical Equipment A-A-17 General Purpose 2 Part Epoxy Adhesive MIL-A-24456 General Purpose Acrylic Nitrocellose Lacquer-Lusterless, MIL-L-19538B General Purpose Acrylic Nitrocellulose Lacquer-Full Gloss, MIL-L-19537C General Purpose Adhesive MIL-A-1058 General Purpose Detergent - Oil Solution MIL-D-16791 General Purpose Grease MIL-L-46159 General Purpose Liquid Detergent P-D-220D General Purpose Paint, MIL-P-16232 General Purpose Paint, MIL-P-85582 General Purpose Powder Detergent A-A-1376 General Purpose Varnish, MIL-V-1174 General Purpose, Mineral Base Gear & Baron Grease MIL-G-24139 General Purpose-Extreme Pressure Grease MIL-G-23549 Genreal Purpose Solvent Floor Wax (Liquid & Paste) A-A-1550 Glass Cleaning Scouring Powder A-A-14 Glass Reinforcd, Plastic Laminate Repair Kit MIL-R-19907 Glazing Compound A-A-373 Gloss Black Bake Enamel, AMS-3120 Glossy Black Linseed-Oil Paint TT-P-61E Glossy Clear Nitrocellulose Lacquer TT-L-26B Glycerol Phthalate Resin Base Varnish, MIL-V-6894A Gold Leaf QQ-G-547B Grain Abrasive Soft Carbon MIL-C-5634 Graphite-Petrolatum Compound MIL-T-5544B Gray All Purpose Primer, TT-P-605B Gray Engine Enamel Bake, AMS-3125 Gray Exterior Enamel, MIL-E-15936 Grease Automotive & Artillery MIL-G-10924C Grease Plate Rocket Propellant Comp. USAF-67-A-7238 Grease, Aircraft Wide Temp. Range MIL-G-81322B Grease, Ball & Roller Bearing MIL-G-18709A Grease, Helicopter Oscillating Bearing MIL-G-25537B Grease, Molydenum Disulfide MIL-G-21164C Grease, Plug Valve, Oil resistant MIL-G-6032B Type I Grease, Rocket Propellant Compatible MIL-G-27617A Green Wash Primer, DOD-P-15328D Green/Yellow Zinc Chromate Primer Comp "G", TT-P-1757 Green/Yellow Zinc Chromate Primer, TT-P-1757A Gresae Aircraft and Instrument MIL-G-23827A Grinding Disk Cement MIL-C-14064C Gun Lubricant (Automatic Gun) MIL-L-46000 Gun Lubricant (High Load) MIL-L-46150 Gun Slushing Corrosion Preventive Compound MIL-C-18487A Halogenated Lubricating Grease MIL-GG-47219 Heat Sink Coating MIL-C-47113 Heat-Resistant Aluminum Paint TT-P-28F Heat-Resistant Enamel TT-E-496B Heat-Resistant Paint, Olive Drab, MIL-P-14105C Heavy Duty cleaning Compound MIL-C-20207 Hi Heat Aluminum TT-P-28G High Adhesion Sealant MIL-S-7502C High Gloss Phthalic Alkyd Enamel, MIL-E-7729B High Load Capacity Synthetic Grease MIL-G-81827 High Pressure Steam Cleaner MIL-C-52412 High Solids Enamel S/G, TT-E-529G High Solids Epoxy, Type I, MIL-C-22750E High Strength Adhesive MMM-A-122C High Temperature Antiseize Compound MIL-A-907D High Temperature Sealant MIL-S-8802F High Temperature Sealing Compound MIL-S-15204C High-Gloss Alkyd Enamel TT-E-489F High-Grade Gloss Synthetic Enamel, TT-E-491C High-Visibility Fluorescent Paint System, Clear Vivid Topcoat, MIL-P-21563B Homopolymer Polyvinyl Acetate Emulsion Paint TT-P-55B Hot Creosol Emilsion Cleaner MIL-C-5546 Hot Tank Paint Remover, MIL-R-7751 Hot Tank Paint Remover, MIL-R-81835 Hot Tank Paint Stripper, MIL-S-6892 House Paint-Exterior Use TT-P-81E Hydraulic Fluid Preservative MIL-H-6083D Hydraulic Fluid Ultra-Low Temperature MIL-H-81019C Hydraulic Fluid, Aircraft MIL-H-83282A Hydraulic Fluid, Aircraft, Missile MIL-H-5606C Hydraulic Fluid, Fire Resistant MIL-H-46170 Hydraulic Fluid, Missile MIL-H-46004 Imbedded Epoxy Resin, MIL-P-46067 Impregnants for Aluminum/Copper MIL-I-17563 Inhibitor Icing Fuel System MIL-I-27686 Insect Repellent TPD Insulating Comp. Elec. Epoxy, Filled for Potting & Encapsulation MIL-I-46865 Insulating Compound MIL-I-16923 Insulating Compound MIL-I-24244 Insulating Compound MIL-I-25023 Insulating Compound, Electrical MIL-I-46058 Insulating Compound, Electrical, Embolding Reversion MIL-I-81550 Insulating Compound, Electrical, Embolding Reversion MIL-L-815334 Insulating Oil, Electrical W-I-530A Class I & II Insulating Varnishers (Dip) MIL-I-24092 Interior Deck Enamel-gray, Semigloss, DOD-E-700A Isopropyl Alcohol, TT-I-735A Joint Sealer (Vapor Barrier Insulation) MIL-B-19564 Lacque, Red for Ammuniton Primers, MIL-L-46075A Lacquer Acrylic Camouflage Lusterless, MIL-L-52909 Lacquer Clear Arylic, MIL-L-19538C Lacquer Clear Gloss Cellulose Nitrate, MIL-L-7178 Lacquer for Obliterating Stencil Markings TT-L-40B Lacquer Hot Spray, MIL-L-11195 Lacquer MIL-L-73 Lacquer Rev. A Acrylic Lacquer, MIL-L-81352 Lacquer Sealer TT-S-171C Lacquer Thinner, A-A-857B Lacquer, Acrylic, for Naval Weapons Systems, MIL-L-81352A Lacquer, MIL-L-6805C Lacquer, Rubbing, Clear TT-L-57C Lacquer, Solar Heat Reflecting, Lusterless, Olive Drab, MIL-L-46138 Lacquer, Type I TT-L-26C Lacquer, Type II, TT-C-2114 Lacquer, Type III, TT-L-50 Lacquer-Glass Colors for Exterior Metal TT-L-32A Lampblack Powder Form TT-P-350A Latex Base Interior Paint TT-P-29J Latex-Base Paint-Exterior Wood and Metal TT-P-96D Laundry Alkali A-A-876 Laundry Bleach/Detergent NCTRF/PD 11-85B Laundry Detergent P-D-245F Laundry Scour & Blue P-L-130C Laundry Soap P-S-1792 Laundry Soap, Bar A-A-1375A Laundry Soap, Chip P-S-1792 Laundry Soap, Powdered P-S-1792 Lead & Chromate Free Primer Epoxy Coat High Solids, Types I & II, MIL-P-53022B Leather Belt Dressing O-B-160B Leather Dressing O-L-00172A Light Gray Finish Coat for Equipment, Furniture Switchboard Installation, Type I, Class II, MIL-E-15090B Light Stress Bonding Only MIL-A-5092B Linoleum and Tile Adhesive MIL-A-21016E Linseed Oil Mixture, Thinned TT-L-00371 Linseed Oil, Alkali-Refined, A-A-714 Linseed Oil, Raw A-A-379A Linseed Oiled, Boiled A-A-371 Liquid Alkaline Descaler MIL-C-26549 Liquid Glass Cleaner A-A-40A Liquid Metal Polish A-A-105A Liquid Non-Radioactive Fluorescent Luminescent Material, MIL-L-3891A Liquid Rubber Cement MIL-S-20541 Liquid sealing and Finishing Compound for Concrete TT-S-223B Liquid Zinc Phosphate, MIL-S-5002 Liquid, Compass, Aircraft MIL-L-5020A Lithographic Blanket Roller Wash O-L-298B Low Pressure Laminating Epoxy Resin MIL-R-9300 Lub. Oil gear, Multipurpose MIL-l-2105 Grade 75W, 80W-90, 90, 85W-140, 140 Lub. Oil, Internal Combustion Engine MIL-L-2104C Grade 10, 30, 40, 50 Lube Grease, Pneumatic System MIL-G-4343B Lube Oil for Pistons MIL-L-6082D, Grade 1065 Lube Oil Jet Engine MIL-l-6081C, Grade 1005, 1010 Lube Oil MIL-L-23056 Lube Oil MIL-L-2638 Lube Oil MIL-L-631 Lube Oil Preservative MIL-L-3150B Lube Oil, Administrative Service MIL-L-46152 Grade 10W30, 30, 20W40, 20W50 Lube Oil, General Purpose, Low Temperature MIL-L-7870A Lube Oil, High Output Diesel MIL-L-9000G Lube Oil, Preservative MIL-L-21260B, Type I, Grade 10, 30, 50 Lube Oil, Reciprocating Compressor MIL-L-26087B Grade 1, 2 Lubricant Oil, Aircraft Turbine Engine, Synthetic Base MIL-L-23699 Lubricant, Fluorocarbon Telomer Dispersant MIL-L-603264 Lubricant, Solid Film, Air Curved MIL-L-46147 Lubricant, Solid Film, Extreme Environment MIL-L-81329 Lubricant, Solid Film, Heat Curved MIL-L-23398 Lubricant, Solid Film, Heat Curved MIL-L-45983 Lubricating Oil for Aircraft Turbine Engine MIL-L-7808G Lubricating Oil for Aircraft Turbine Engines MIl-L-23699B Lubricating Oil, Compounded MIL-L-15019 Lubricating Oil, General Purpose Preservative VV-L-800A Lubricating Oil, General Purpose VV-L-820C Lubricating Oil, General Purpose, Preservative VV-L-900A Lubricating Oil, Instrument, Aircraft, L. Volatile MIL-L-6085A Lubricating Oil, Molybdenum Disulfide, Silicone MIL-L-25681C Lusterless Air Dry Enamel, TT-E-516A Lusterless Alkyd Synthetic Enamel, TT-E-527C Lusterless Camouflage Colors TT-L-20A Lusterless Colors for Exterior Use MIL-L-73A Lusterless Finish Coat for Phosphate or Primed Ammumition, MIL-L-11195D Lusterless Olive Green Camouflage Coat for Plastic Helmet Liners, MIL-E-2052B Lusterless Paint for Blackout or Camouflage and Identification, MIL-P-13983D Lusterless Paint-Nonpenetrating Oil Paint TT-P-47F Lusterless Phenolic Enamel, TT-E-522A Marine Glue MIL-G-413 Marking Ink, Type I, A-A-208 Material Ispection Penetrant MIL-I-25135D MEK, TT-M-261D Metal Conditioner & Brightner MIL-C-25378 Metal Conditioner & Rust Remover MIL-C-10578 Metal Surface Dent Filler TT-F-322D Metal Surface Primer, MIL-P-47215 Metal to Metal Flange Joint Sealer MIL-S-12158C Metal-Casement Compound TT-G-00410E MIBK, TT-M-268 Mica Base Antiseize Compound MIL-A-13881B Mildew Preventive Leather Dressing O-L-164D Mineral Spirits High Flash, Type II, TT-T-291 Mineral Spirits Thinner, TT-T-295A Mixing Varnish for Aluminum Parts TT-V-81G Moisture and Fungus Resistant Varnish MIL-V-173C Molybdenum Disulfide, Lubricating Grade MIL-M-7866 Motor Vehicle Underbody Coating, TT-C-520B Natural Liquid Rubber Cement MIL-C-12850 Natural Rubber Cement MIL-C-5539 Neat's Foot Oil for Dressing Leather C-N-200A Niitrocellulose Lacquer, MIL-L-52043 Nirocellulose Lacquer TT-L-0048A Nitrocellulose and Acrylic Lacquer in Pressurized Can TT-L-50G Noncuring, Polysulfide Base Sealing Compound MIL-S-11030E Nonflamable Paint Remover TT-R-248A Non-Flame Phosphoric, Acid-Base Sustaining Cleaner MIL-C-5410 Nonflammable Paint Thinner, MIL-R-25134B Nonstaining Oil MIL-C-22235A Nonvolatile-Base Material in Petroleum Solvent MIL-C-16173D Odorless Mineral Spirits, Type III, TT-T-291 Oil Cooler Cleaner MIL-C-6864 Oil Stain for Interior Wood Surfaces, TT-S-711C Oil Varnish for Interior Use on Metal or Wood TT-V-86C Oleoresinous-Type Spar Varnish TT-V-121H Olive Drab Camouflage for Neoprene Coated Cloth, MIL-E-13072A One Part Moisture & Care Coating MIL-C-53039 Optical Lense Cleaner Organic Solvent Paint Remover, TT-R-251J Organic Solvent Type Paint Remover, MIL-R-46073 Outside Gray Enamel, MIL-P-15183B Outside Paint-International Orange TT-P-59E Oxygen System Leak Detection Fluid MIL-L-25567 Paint Coating, Ship, Fuel, Salt Tanks, MIL-P-23236 Type I Paint High Zinc Dust Content, MIL-P-21035 Paint Remover, MIL-R-18553 Paint Remover, MIL-R-25134 Paint Stripper, MIL-R-46116 Paint, Acrylic, Emulsion, Exterior TT-P-19C Paint, Aluminum, Ready-Mixed TT-P-38D Paint, Boot-Topping Black, TT-P-1565B Paint, Epoxy, Polyamide, MIL-P-24441A Paint, Flight Deck Gray, Buships-Formula #115 Paint, Fluorescent, MIL-P-21563 Paint, Fluorescent, MIL-P-21600 Paint, Latex Base, Gloss and Semigloss, Tints and White, Interior, TT-P-1511A Paint, Latex, Exterior for Wood Surfaces, White and Tints, TT-P-1510A Paint, Latex-Base, Interior, Flat Deep-Tone, TT-P-1728A Paint, Priming, Exterior and Interior for Ammunition, MIL-P-22332B Paint, Rubber, Rigid and Air Supported Radome, MIL-P-9053B Paint, Stencil, MIL-P-15149 Paint, Tree Marking TT-P-00100A Paint, Zinc-Aluminum, Rust Inhibitive, TT-P-1561A Passivator Compound, Mil-P-24138 Paste for Fibrous Acoustical Materials MMM-A-150B Penetrating Oil VV-P-216B Type I Permanent Corrosion Preventative and Oil Resistant Coating MIL-R-3043B Petrolatum and Zinc Dust MIL-T-22361 Petrolatum-Base Compound MIL-C-11796B Petrolatum-Base Preventive Compound MIL-C-10382C Petroleum, Technical VV-P-236 Pettman Cement, Type A, JAN-C-99 Phenol and Resorcinal Resin Base MIL-A-22397 Phenol, Malamine or Resocinal Resin Base Phenolic Baking Varnish, MIL-V-12276 Phenolic Primer for Wood Surfaces, MIL-P-12742C Phenolic Resin Spar Varnish TT-V-00119C Phosphate Coating Compound, MIL-P-50002 Phosphorescent Coating Compound TT-P-54C Photographers and Artist Model Type Liquid Rebber Cement MMM-A-185B Phthalic Alkyd Resin Varnish, MIL-V-13811D Pigments in Oil, TT-P-381E Pipe Insulation, Cork MIL-P-876B Plastic Materials, Glass Fiber Base, Epoxy, Resin, Low Press, Laminated MIL-P-25421 Plastic Plastisol MIL-C-20689C Plastic Polish P-P-560B Plumbing Fixture Setting Compound TT-P-1536A Polychloroprene Adhesive MIL-A-5540B Polytetrafluoroethylene Tape MIL-T-27730A Polyurethane High Solids, Aircraft & Weapons Systems, Type I, MIL-C-85285B Polyurethane High Solids, Ground Support Equipment, Type II, MIL-C-85285B Polyurethane Potting Compound, MIL-P-46078 Polyurethane Thinner, Type I, MIL-T-81772 Polyurethane, MIl-C-81773 Polyurethane, MIL-C-83286 Polyvinyl Acetate-Exterior Masonry TT-N-97D Porcelain Cleaning Compound Aerosol and Cream P-C-1891 Porcelain Cleaning Solution A-A-3 Powdered Cement QQ-C-100B Preservative Coating, Canvas TT-P-595A Preservative Coating-Rubber, MIL-P-11520E Preventive Oil MIL-P-46002 Primer and Sealer for Walls TT-S-179B Primer Coat Blue, MIL-P-24351 Primer Coating and Surface, TT-P-659C Primer Coating for Exterior Surfaces, TT-P-620C Primer Coating for Rusty Steel Surfaces, TT-C-530B Primer Coating, Exterior, Lead Pigment Free, MIL-P-28582 Primer Coating, Inorganic Zinc Dust Pigmented, MIL-P-38336 Primer Coating, Pigmented Oil TT-P-56B Primer Coating, Synthetic, for Brake Drums, MIL-P-46093A Primer Coating, Wood, Alkyd Oil, Olive Drab, MIL-P-46102A Primer Coating, Zinc Dust Pigmented, MIL-P-26915B Primer Coating, Zinc Dust, Chlorinated Rubber, TT-P-1046A Primer for Wood TT-P-25E Primer Red Oxide Rev. D High Solid, TT-P-664D Primer Vinyl Zinc Chromate Comp. G, MIL-P-15930C Primer, Coating, Synthetic Gray, TT-P-001385 Primer, MIL-P-22332 Primer, MIL-P-43700 Primer, TT-P-657 Primer/Topcoat, Type II, TT-E-485F Protective Coating, Integral Fuel Tank MIL-C-83019 Prussian Blue Paste, MIL-P-30501 Pure Gum Mucilage MMM-M-792B Purgung Fluid for Preserving Fuel Tank on Jet Aircrafts MIL-F-38299 Purple Lacquer MIL-L-296 Putty and Elastic Compound TT-P-781A Putty, Sealing MIL-P-20628B Quick Drying Rust Inhibitive Lacquer, MIL-P-11414D Rain Repellant, Inflight Application, Window & Windshield, MIL-R-81261 Raw Linseed-Oil TT-L-215D Red Adhesive/Sealing Compound, Type II, MIL-A-82484 Red Lead-Pigment for Use in Mixing Paints TT-R-191D Red or Brown Iron-Oxide Primer for Galvanized Metal Surfaces, TT-P-636D Red Oxide Epoxy Primer, MIL-P-52192 Red Oxide Primer, MIL-P-11414 Red Oxide Primer, MIL-P-52995 Red Oxide Primer, TT-P-664C Red Sealing Compound - Ammunition MIL-A-388A Red-Lead Paint with Linseed Oil Base TT-P-86G Reflective Rain Erosion Coating MIL-C-83445 Removable High Visibilty Exterior Fluorescent, MIL-P-21600A Remover, Acid Activated for Amine Cured Epoxy Coating Systems, MIL-R-81903A Remover, Paint, Epoxy System, MIL-R-81294B Remover, Paint, Tank Type for Aircraft Components, MIL-R-83936 Renewer for Wood TT-S-178B Resin Solution Silicone, Low Pressure Laminating MIL-R-25506 Resin, Polyester, Low Pressure Laminating MIL-R-7575C Resin-Acid Metal Pretreatment Compound for Aircrafts MIL-C-8514C Resins, Polyester, Low Pressure Laminating MIL-R-21607B Retaining Compounds, Single Component MIL-R-46082A Retarder, TT-E-776 Rinse Additive P-R-1420C Rubber Adhesive MMM-A-129 Rubber Adhesive MMM-A-130 Rubber Paint Brown TT-P-92B Rubber Paint-Interior Use TT-P-91D Rug & Upholstery Cleaner (Liquid and Aerosol) A-A-31 Rule 228 Acrylic Comp. L Lacquer, MIL-I-81352 Rust Inhibiting Zinc-Dust Enamel for Interior of Fresh Water Tanks, MIL-E-15145B Rust preventive Compound Thin Film USN-52-C-18 Grade 3 Safety Solvent For Oxygen Systems MIL-C-8638 Safety Solvent MIL-S-18718 Sanitizer-Detergent, G.P. (Quarternary Ammonium Comp.) A-A-1442 Scale Condition Compound, Alkaline, Hot Section Jet-Engine Parts MIL-S-23496 Scale Removing Compound A-A-19B Scouring Powder A-A-47 Scouring Powder With Bleach A-A-269 Sealant MIL-S-2957A Sealant MIL-S-4202 Sealant MIL-S-8600 Sealant, Quick Repair Integral Fuel Tank MIL-S-83318 Class A Sealer, Water and Weather Resistant SS-S-1996 Sealin, Aluminum Structure MIL-S-83315 Sealing Comp. Noncuring, Low Consistency, Fuel Tanks MIL-S-85334 Sealing Compound for Aircraft Fuel Tank MIL-S-8784B Sealing Compound for Use with Deck Covering MIL-D-17951B Sealing Compound TT-S-0227E Sealing Compound, Ammunition Use MIL-S-3105 Sealing compound, Bearing-Preservation MIL-S-23498 Sealing Compound, Corrosion Preventive MIL-S-81733C Sealing Compound, Electrical MIL-S-81732 Sealing Compound, Electrical, Silicone Rubber, Accelerator Required MIL-S-23586 Sealing Compound, Environmental MIL-S-38228 Sealing Compound, Firewall MIL-S-38249 Sealing Compound, Integral Fuel tanks and Fuel Cell Cavities MIL-S-83430 Sealing Compound, Pipe Joint and Thread TT-S-1732 Sealing Compound, Thread MIL-S-3927C Sealing Compound-Butyl Rubber TT-S-001657 Sealing Compound-Protects Electrical Components MIL-S-8516E Sealing Compound-Synthetic Rubber Base MIL-S-4383B Sealing Compund for Airfield Use SS-S-00200D Sealing, Coating, Corrosion Inhibitive MIL-S-81733 Type I, II, III, IIII Sealing, Lubricating and Wicking Compounds Thread-Locking MIL-S-46163 Sealing, Ship Deck Polyurethane MIL-S-24340 Type I, Class II Self-Emulating Degreasing Solvent MIL-C-11090 Self-Priming Rubber-Base Paint TT-P-95C Septic Tank Cleaning Compound A-A-11 Shellac Grade B, Type I, TT-S-300 Shoe Polish A-A-23 Silicate Soap Metal Cleaner MIL-R-7752 Silicone Compound MIL-C-21567A Silicone Compound MIL-S-8660 Silicone Enamel TT-E-490 Silicone Enamel, MIL-E-24635 Silicone Grease MIL-G-46886 Silicone Grease MIL-L-15719 Silicone Oil & Molly Mix for Aircrafts DOD-L-25681 Silicone Primer, MIL-P-82797 Silicone Protection Coating MIL-L-46010 Silicone Rubber Compound MIL-C-82805 Silver Metal Polish (Liquid) A-A-383 Single Component Synthetic Rubber Base Joint Sealant TT-S-00230C Slashing Sealer, MIL-L-6047 Snake Paint-Linseed Oil Base TT-P-52D Solar Heat Reflect 30372 Saudi Tan Flat, MIL-E-46117A Solar Heat Reflecting Enamel, Type I, Bake Enamel, Type III, MIL-E-46136 Solid Form Sealing Compound for Overseas Shipments W-S-190 Solvent Cleaning Compound MIL-C-25924 Solvent Cleaning Compound MIL-C-27251 Solvent Cleaning Compound MIL-C-38736 Solvent Detergent Cleaning Compound A-A-2125 Solvent Removable Paint, MIL-P-6884F Spar Varnish TT-V-109 Spray Wash Cleaner MIL-C-5543 Sprayable, Strippable, Protective Coating MIL-C-6799F Stain, Flight Deck, Buships Formula #21 Stainless Steel Polish (Aerosol & Liquid) P-C-1121B Standard Test Fluids TT-S-735 Type I, II, III Stencil Ink, Type I, TT-I-558 Stencil Ink, Type II, TT-I-1795A Stencil Paint TT-P-98B Stencil Paint, A-A-1558 Strong Bonding Linoleum Cement MMM-A-137D Surface Coating on Primed Metals, TT-P-662B Surface Sealer, Lacquer Type TT-S-190E Surface Sealer, Varnish Type TT-S-176E Surface-Sand, MIL-S-974A Sweeping Compound P-S-863F Synthetic Elastomeric Sealant MIL-A-9117D Synthetic Grease MIL-G-25760 Synthetic Helicopter Transmission Oil DOD-L-85734 Synthetic Resin Lumber Knot Sealing Compound MIL-S-12935 Synthetic Rubber for Hot and Cold Bonding MMM-A-189B Synthetic Rubber Hose Cover Repair MIL-S-2869A Tableware Stain Remover A-A-21A Temporary Corrosion Arrestor, DOD-R-18708B Tent Patching Cement MIL-C-2399b Thermoplastic Synthetic Resin MMM-A-180B Thermosetting Urea-Resin MMM-A-188C Thinner (Naptha), Cleaning Acrylic Plastics TT-N-95B Thinner Dope and Lacque, TT-T-266D Thinner Enamel Synthetic Resin, Type I, TT-T-306C Thinner for Cellulose Acetate Butyrate Dopes, MIL-T-6096A Thinner for High Solids, Type II, TT-T-306 Thinner Mineral Spirits, TT-T-291F Thinner to Eliminate Blushing of Cellulose Acetate Butyrate Dopes, MIL-T-6097A Thinner, MIL-T-18362 Thinner, MIL-T-19544 Thinner, Synthetic Resin Enamel and Primer, TT-T-001386 Thread and Gasket Sealing Compound MIL-S-7916C Thread and Gasket Sealing Compounds MIL-S-45180C Thread Camp, Antiseize, Molybdenum Disulfide Petrolatum MIL-T-83483A Thread Comp. Graphite Petrolatum MIL-T-5544B Thread Comp. Sealing, Oxygen System MIL-T-5542L Thread Compound, Antiseize and Sealing MIL-T-5542E Tinting Colors, DOD-C-22325A Toilet Bowl Cleaner (Granular) A-A-460 Toluene Technical, TT-T-548D Toluene-Methyl Isobutyl Ketone Mixture, MIL-T-19588 Toluol, AMS-3180 Traffic Paint TT-P-115E Turbine Engine Cleaner MIL-C-85704 Turbine Oil MIL-L-17331 Turpentine, TT-T-801A Two Part Epoxy in 3/4 Ounce Tube for General Use TT-P-87D Undercoat Gray Flat Solar Heat Reflect, MIL-C-46127 Urethane, Type II, High Solids Urethane, Type IV, MIL-C-46168 Varnish Moistureproof, Types A & B, MIL-V-16399A Varnish, MIL-V-13511 Vehicle Rust Proofing Compound MIL-C-62218 Vinyl & Antifouling Paint, MIL-P-15931 Vinyl Enamel, MIL-P-15932B Vinyl-Red Lead Shipboard Primer, MIL-P-15929 Walk Compound, Type II, MIL-W-5044 Washable Full-Gloss Enamel, TT-E-506K Washable Semigloss Finish for Kitchens, Bathrooms, Laundries, TT-E-508C Water Born Polyurethane Camouflage Coating MIL-C-29475 Water Displacing Compound O-W-1284B Type I, Class I Water emulsion Floor Wax (QPL) P-W-155C Water Paste Paint, MIL-P-13340C Water Reducible White Primer, MIL-P-53030 Water Resistant Alkyd Resin-Haze Gray, Air Dry Enamel, MIL-E-15130C Water Resistant Alkyd Resin-Ocean Gray, DOD-E-1265 Water-Displacing Coating MIL-C-85054 Waterless Cream Form A-A-279 Waterless Lotion Form A-A-268 Waterproof Sealing Compound TT-S-222B Water-Resistane Liquid Adhesive MMM-A-260B Water-Resistant Base Liquid Adhesive MMM-A-250C Water-Resistant Concrete and Masonry Paint TT-P-24D Water-Resistant Label Adhesive MIL-A-3941A Wax and/or Resin Compound TT-W-156B Weapons Cleaner MIL-C-372 Weapons Coating MIL-C-3301 Weld-Through Primer, Zinc Rich, MIL-P-46105 White Alkyd Resin Semigloss Enamel for General Purpose Use, DOD-E-1115B White Interior Synthetic Enamel Primer, TT-E-543A White Lead, Basic Carbonate TT-W-251G White Vinyl Alkyd Semigloss, MIL-E-16738 Wide Temperature Range-Ball & Roller Bearing MIL-G-25013 Wire Rope Grease MIL-G-18458 Wood or Metal Ready-Mixed Paint TT-P-31D Wood Preservative for Pretreatment of Wood Prior to Painting, MIL-W-13518C Wood Preservative-Oil Soluble, MIL-W-18142 Wood-Preservative, Water-Repellant, TT-W-572B Wood-Sash Glazing Putty TT-P-791B Wtare Resistant Alkyd Resin, Navy Gray, MIL-E-15129C Xylene, TT-X-916 Yellow Primer Epoxy-Polyamide, Type I, Class I, MIL-P-23377F Yellow Wash Primer, MIL-C-8514 Yellow Zinc Chromate Primer, AMS-3110 Zinc Chromate Primer for Metal Surfaces, TT-P-600B Zinc Chromate Primer, MIL-P-6889 Zinc Chromate Putty MIL-P-8116B Zinc Chromate Rust Prventive Primer, MIL-P-8585A Zinc Dust-Zinc Oxide Primer for Galvanized Metal Surfaces, TT-P-636D Zinc Phosphate Enamel, MIL-E-58291 Zinc Yellow Alkyd Resin, TT-P-666B Zinc-Chromate, Alkyd Type, Primer Paint, TT-P-645A Aerospace/Aviation Propellants/Gun Powder : Composite Powders/Propellants Double Base Powders/Propellants Mortar Propelling Charges Non-Military Powders NOSOL-318 Propellants for Guns and Howitzers Propellants for Mortars, Recoiless-Guns and Anti-Tank Weapons Propellants for Small Arms Propelling Charges Rocket Propellants Single Base Powders/Propellents Spheroid Powders/Propellants Triple Base Powders/Propellants

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