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Renshel Exports Pvt. Limited

Calcutta, West Bengal, India

Chemicals Products - Manufacturer,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 1940

Renshel Exports Private Limited, is the world's leading manufacturer of shellac, aleuritic acid and shellac related products.Shellac has been the family business of the owners of the company for more than a century. Shellac now runs in their blood. The present core management team consists of dynamic directors namely, Mr. Suraj Singhania, Mr. Vivek Singhania & Mr. Rohit Singhania.Mr. Suraj Singhania is the overall incharge and handles all marketing activities personally, and looks forward to develping and maintaining close business and personal relationships with all existing and potential clients. He is also in charge of all new product developments.Mr. Vivek Singhania is incharge of all manufacturing activities and ensures production of international standard quality material and as per the clients requirement.Mr. Rohit Singhania is incharge of developing new business all over the world. Once potential customers are identified the details are immediately made available to Mr. Suraj Singhania for advice and future handling. All logistics activities are also handled by him.Mr. Pradeep Singhania and Mr. Dilip Singhania continue to take an active interest in the day to day operation of the company. Their rich experience, advice and knowledge is appreciated.The owner's experience of over 100 years has indeed helped us in understanding the specific needs of our worldwide clients and establishing the quality of our products.We take pride in dealing with companies who are themselves market leaders in their own industries. These include clients in the pharmaceutical, confectionery, food & fruit coating, printing inks, cosmetics and furniture industries all over the world.
Our ultimate aim is to deal with clients for whom quality and steady relationships mean the world. We always work at terms which are mutually beneficial to the client as well as the company. This philosophy helps us in maintaining and developing new and steady contacts all across the world.We are constantly developing new applications and products to hold true the anceint saying "For every use there is a shellac".

Products :
Manufacturers of shellac, aleuritic acid and shellac related products. Dewaxed & Decolourised Shellac Aleuritic Acid Shellac Solutions Waxy Shellac, Seedlac & Other Products

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Suraj Singhania

Renshel Exports Pvt. Limited

27, Sarat Bose Road,
Calcutta - 700 020 (West Bengal) India

Phone(s) : 91 - 33 - 24852836
Mobile :
Fax : +91 - 33 - 24753368

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