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Titan Pharma (India) Pvt Ltd

Bombay, Maharashtra, India

Chemicals Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 0

Titan Pharma an integrated growing health care company, promoted by the Shah Group and established with the purpose of serving the community, is aiming to become one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical export company in India.Titan Pharma through its associates, Manufactures & Markets Pharmaceutical Raw materials, Drug Intermediates, & Finished Formulations maintaining quality at par with best in the world and thereby vying for brand equity in the global context.A complete healthcare concern, Titan Pharma is using research-based technology to contribute towards the health of people around the world with superior products Contract manufactured in state-of-art facilities under strict GMP/CGMP/ISO compliance.To become a global pharmaceutical export company within next three years, by providing a range of international quality products at competitive prices through integration, research & development. We will achieve our vision by working closely with our partners, Company's representing us in various countries and companies supplying us their products.Our ultimate goal aim is to provide Affordable, Latest and High Quality Finished Formulations, Pharmaceutical Raw Materials, Intermediates & Chemicals which will benefit the end customer. Our main customers are our partners involved in distribution of our products. We ensure that they enjoy a competitive edge with respect to their competitors and their profitability is ensured throughout our partnership.These strengths provides to the company better and more efficient operation throughout all the activities. Titan is not only flexible to various economic and market changes, but also to future development, competitive threats and opportunities.Every company in the world is aggressively trying to reduce costs by reallocating resources and introducing various management concepts like JIT, TQM, ERP, ETC. To optimize their investments.We, at Titan not only help our customer increase their margins by offering competitive prices but also reduce their transaction & operation costs. WE HELP SOURCE AND DEVELOP SUPPLIERS FOR YOUR CURRENT AND DEVELOPMENTAL NEEDS. Hence when you deal with Titan, we act like your extension, negotiating, verifying quality and supplying the right product at your desired prices. Hence you don't have to approach various manufacturers but only Titan for all your requirements.

Products :
Manufacturers & Exporters of Pharmaceutical Raw materials, Drug Intermediates, & Finished. Latest drugs Active pharmaceutical ingredients (api) : ACECLOFENAC-DMF ALENDRONATE SODIUM - DMF AMINOPHYLLINE AMLODIPINE BESYLATE EP - DMF AMODIAQUIN AMPICILLINE TRIHYDRATE ARTEETHER (SINGLE ISOMER) BAMBUTEROL BENZAPRIL BICALUTAMIDE BROMPHENIRAMINE MALEATE BUDESONIDE-DMF CAFFEINE AND DERIVATIVES CAPCETABINE CARVEDILOL-DMF CETIRIZINE DI HCL - DMF CHLORPHENIRAMINE MALEATE - DMF CHOLINE THEOPHYLINATE CILAZEPRIL CIPROFLOXACIN BASE/HCL CISPLATIN CLEBOPRIDE CLOMIPRAMINE HCL CLOPIDOGRIL BISULPHATE CLOZAPINE CYPROHEPTADINE HCL DEFERIPRONE DESONIDE DEXBROMPHENIRAMINE MALEATE DICLOFENAC DIEHTYL AMMONIUM DICLOFENAC RESINATE DIETHYLCARBAMAZINE CITRATE DILOXANIDE FUROATE DIPROPHYLLINE DOTHIEPIN HYDROCHLORIDE DOXEPIN HYDROCHLORIDE EFAVIRENZ INTERMEDIATES ENROFLOXACIN ERYTHROMYCIN SALTS ETAMETHASONE DIPROPIONATE/ VALERATE/ TRIMETHYL ACETATE/ SODIUM PHOSPHATE ETOPHYLLINE FELODIPINE FEXOFENADINE FLUCONAZOLE - DMF FLUOXETINE HCL GATIFLOXACIN GLIMEPIRIDE HALOPERIDOL - DMF HYDROXY UREA. IFENPRODIL TARTRATE IMIPRAMINE HCL IRBESARTAN ISOSUPRINE HCL LAMIVUDINE-DMF LANSOPRAZOLE POWDER & PELLETS LIDOCAINE BASE & HCL LOPERAMIDE HCL - DMF LOTEPREDNOL ETABONATE MALOXICAM MEPTRAMINE (PYRILAMINE) MALEATE METHYLPREDNISOLONE SODIUM SUCCINATE/ACETATE METRONIDAZOLE BENZOATE MIDAZOLAM MOMETASONE MOXIFLOXACIN NIACIN-DMF NIFEDIPINE NITRAZEPAM NORTRYPTILINE HCL OLANZAPINE OMEPRAZOLE PELLETS -DMF OPIPRAMOL DIHYDROCHLORIDE OXATOMIDE MONOHYDRATE PANTOPRAZOLE SODIUM POWDER & PELLETS PARACOXIB PENTOXYFYLLINE PHENNIRAMINE MALEATE PHENYTOIN SODIUM / BASE PIOGLITAZONE-DMF PITOFENONE HYDROCHLORIDE POVIDONE IODIDE PYRAZINAMINE QUINAPRIL RABEPRAZOLE SODIUM POWDER & PELLETS RALOXIFENE HCL-DMF RANITIDINE BASE RIBOFLAVIN SODIUM PHOSPHATE RITODINE HCL ROFECOXIB-DMF ROXITHROMYCIN SALMETEROL XINAFOATE SERTRALINE HCL-FORM 1 ? DMF SILDENAFIL CITRATE - DMF SODIUM CROMOGLICATE / CROMOLYN SODIUM SODIUM STEARYL FUMERATE SOTALOL HCL SPIRONOLACTONE SUCCINYLCHOLINE CHLORIDE SUMATRIPTAN SUCCINATE - DMF THYMOL IODIDE TIMOLOL MALEATE TIZANIDINE TRAMADOL HCL TRICLOSAN TRIMETAZIDINE DI HCL VALDECOXIB VENLAFLAXINE-DMF ZALEPLON ZILEUTON ZOLPIDEM TARTARATE-DMF ACEPHYLLINE PIPERAZINE ALIBENDOL AMITRIPTYLINE - DMF AMLODIPINE MALEATE & SUCCINATE AMOXICYLLINE TRIHYDRATE ARIPIPRAZOLE ATENOLOL - DMF BECLOMETHASONE DIPROPIONATE BETAMETHASONE DIPROPIONATE / VALERATE / SODIUM PHOSPHATE BISACODYL BRONOPOL BUTRIPTYLINE HYDROCHLORIDE CALCIUM LEVULINATE / STEARATE CARBOPLATIN CELECOXIB-DMF CHLORAMPHENICOL PALMITATE CHLORPROMAZINE HYDROCHLORIDE CICLESONIDE CINNARIZINE CISAPRIDE CITALOPRAM HBR CLOBETASOLE BUTYRATE/PROPIONATE CLOPIDOGRIL HYDROHEN SULPHATE CLOSANTEL BASE / SODIUM CYCLOBENZAPRINE HYDOCHLORIDE DANAZOL DESIPRAMINE HCL DEXAMETHASONE DIPROPIONATE/ VALERATE/ SODIUM PHOSPHATE DEXTROMETHORPHAN HBR DICLOFENAC POTTASSIUM-DMF DICLOFENAC SODIUM-DMF DIIODOHYDROXYQUINOLINE DILTIAZEM HCL DOMPERIDONE BASE / MALEATE - DMF DOXAZOSIN MESYLATE DOXYLAMINE SUCCINATE ENALAPRIL MALEATE ERYTHROMYCIN ESOMEPRAZOLE MAGNESIUM PELLETS ETIDRONATE DISODIUM FAMOTIDINE-DMF FENPIVERINIUM BROMIDE FINASTARIDE FLUMETHASONE FLUTICASONE DIPROPIONATE GEMCITABINE GLYCOPYRROLATE HYDROCORTISONE ACETATE & HEMISUCCINATE IBUPROFEN PWDR & DC 90 IMATINIB MESYLATE IODOCHLOROHYDROXYQUINOLINE ISONIAZID - DMF ITRACONAZOLE POWDER & PELLETS - DMF LAMOTRIGINE LEFLUNOMIDE LISINOPRIL DIHYDRATE LORATIDINE & DESLORATIDINE LOXAPINE MELATONIN METFORMIN HCL METOPROLOL TARTRATE - DMF METRONIDAZOLE -DMF MINOXIDIL MOSAPRIDE NIACINAMIDE-DMF NICORANDIL NIMESULIDE-DMF NORFLOXACIN NUCLOSANIDE BASE & PIPERAZINE OMEPRAZOLE MAGNESIUM / SODIUM ONDANSETRON HCL DIHYDRATE ORNIDAZOLE-DMF OXYCLOZANIDE PARACETAMOL PDR / GRANULE PEFLOXACIN MESYLATE PERINDOPRIL PHENY EPHEDRIN HCL. PIMOZIDE PIPERAZINE ADIPATE / CITRATE / HYDRATE POTASSIUM BROMIDE / IODATE / IODIDE PROTRIPTYLINE QUETIAPINE FUMARATE R- SALBUTAMOL RAFOXANIDE BP VET RAMIPRIL-DMF RANITIDINE HCL-DMF RISPERIDONE EP RITODRINE ROSIGLITAZONE SALBUTAMOL SULPHATE SECNIDAZOLE SIBUTRAMINE HCL - DMF SIMVASTATIN SODIUM METHOXIDE SODIUM VALPROATE SPARFLOXACIN STANAZOLOL SULPHAMETHOXAZOLE THEOPHYLLINE AND DERIVATIVES. TICLOPIDINE HCL - DMF TINIDAZOLE-DMF TOLNAFTATE -DMF TRANDOLAPRIL TRIFLUOPERAZINE HYDROCHLORIDE TRIMIPRAMINE HCL & MALEATE VALSARTAN VERAPAMIL HCL ZIDOVUDINE ZIPRASIDONE Tamsulosin HCL Ready To Fill (RTF) Pellets : ANTI-RHEUMATOID NSAIDS ANALGESICS: Ketoprofen SR Pellets 100Mg/200Mg Diclofenac Sodium/Potassium SR Pellets 100 Mg. Diclofenac Sodium /Potassium Enteric Coated Pellets 50 Mg. Indomethacin Enteric Coated Pellet 25Mg/75Mg. Nimesulide SR Pellets 100 Mg/200Mg Tramadol SR Pellets 100Mg. Aspirin delayed release Pellets 75Mg/150Mg Ibuprofen SR Pellets 300Mg Flurbiprofen SR Pellets 200mg Paracetamol Pellets ANTISPASMODIC: Mebeverine SR Pellets Oxybutynin SR Pellets ANTI-HYPERTENSIVE/ANTIANG : Diltiazem HCL SR Pellets 90Mg/120Mg/180 mg (12 & 24 hours dosing as per USP) Isosorbide Dinitrate SR Pellets Isosorbide Dinitrate SR Pellets 60 Mg Nifedipine SR Pellets 20 Mg Nitroglycerin SR Pellets 2.5Mg Verapamil Pellets 120Mg/240Mg Dipyridamole Pellets Glipizide Pellets SR ANTIALLERGICS: Chlorpheniramine Maleate SR Pellets 8Mg Cetrizine Dihydrochloride Pellets 5Mg/10Mg Loratidine Pellets 5Mg/10Mg ANTI-TUSSIVE. EXPECTORANT DECONGESTANT: Pseudoephedrine HCl SR Pellets 120Mg Phenylepherine HCl SR Pellets Codeine SR Pellets ANOREXIANT, SYMPATHOMIMETICS : Phenylpropanolamine HCl SR Pellets 50Mg/75Mg HYPERACIDITY, ULCERS: Omeprazole Enteric Coated Pellets Lansoprazole Enteric Coated Pellets Esomeprazole Enteric Coated Pellets Pantoprazole Enteric Coated Pellets Domperidone Pellets 10, 20 , 40 % ANTI BPH: Tamsulosin Pellets 400mcG. ANTIASTHAMATICS : Theophylline SR Pellets 100Mg/200Mg/300Mg Salbutamol SR Pellets 8Mg Terbutaline sulphate Pellets ANTIMALARIAL: Chloroquine Phosphate Enteric Coated Pellet 250 Mg. ANTIFUNGAL: Itraconazole Enteric Coated Pellets 100Mg. ANTI ?DEPRESSANT / ANTI-PSYCHOTIC / ANTI-CONVULSANTS: Venlafaxine Pellets 37.5/75mg. Fluoxetine SR Pellets 90mg. Amitriptyline SR Pellets. Phenytoin Sodium SR Pellets. ANTI-BACTERIAL: Doxycycline Hyclate enteric Coated Pellets 100mg. Sodium Amino Salicylate Enteric Coated Pellets 85mg. Erythromycin SR Pellets. Cloxacillin Na flavoured dispersible Pellets Lactobacillus sporogenes ANTI-DIABETIC: Gliclazide SR Pellets 30mg. Glibenclamide Pellets SR ANTI-GOUT: Allopurinol Pellets. VITAMIN?S & IRON: Folic Acid Pellets 0.5mg. Calcium Panthothenate / Vitamin B12 / Thiamine / Mononitrate / Riboflavin / Pyridoxine HCL / Niacinamide / vitamin C / Chromium as a Chromium Picolinate immediate Release Pellets. Carbonyl Iron Pellets. Vitamin E Acetate Zinc sulphate monohydrate SR ANTI CARDIOVASCULAR DRUGS : Enalapril maleate Pellets. COMBINATIONS : Ferrous Sulphate + Zinc Sulphate + Folic Acid Pellets. Carbonyl Iron + Zinc Sulphate + Folic Acid Pellets. Ferrous Sulphate + Folic Acid Pellets. Ferrous Fumarate + Tricalcium Phosphate + Zinc Sulphate + Folic Acid + Vitamin B12 Pellets. Ferrous Sulphate + vitamin C + B Complex Pellets. Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate + Vit.B1 + Vit.B2 + Vit.B6 + Vit.B12 + Niacinamide + Calcium Pantothenate + Folic Acid + Vit. C + Chromium. Pseudoephedrine SR + Cetrizine Di-Hcl Pellets Pseudoephedrine SR + Chlorpheniramine Maleate SR Pellets. Pseudoephedrine SR + Fexofenadine Pellets. Phenylpropanolamine Hcl + Chlorpheniramine Maleate immediate Release Pellets. Phenylpropanolamine Hcl SR + Chlorpheniramine Maleate SR Pellets. Aspirin + Isosorbide Mononitrate Pellets. OTHER : Neutral Pellets (Useful as starter seeds in the manufacture of Drug Pellets). Buffered Pellets (Useful as starter seeds in the Mfg. Of pH-sensitive Drugs Pellets). Sugar sphere USP (Various Size). Direct Compression Granules : Amlodipine 5mg + Lisinopril 5mg Atenolol - 50 & 100 Mg Atenolol 50mg + Amlo Dipine 5mg Atorvastatin - 10mg & 20mg Cefadroxil 125mg /250mg Disersible Tablets Cefadroxil 5000mg Capsules & Tablets Cefadroxil125mg/5ml Dry Syrup Cefixime 100mg. Dispersiable Tablets Cefixime 200mg.Tablets Cefuroxime Axetil 125mg /250mg/500mg Tablets Ciprofloxacin - 250mg & 500mg Ciprofloxacin - 500mg + Tinidazole - 600mg Citalopram 10, G/ 20mg/ 40mg Clopidogrel 75mg Clopidogrel 75mg + Asprin 75mg Diltiazem - 30mg Gatifloxacin - 400mg Lactic Acid Bacillus Power Levofloxacin - 500mg Lisinopril - 2.5mg & 5mg Losartan Pottasium - 50mg Lovastatin Usp - 20mg Pantoprazole 20mg /40mg. Tablets Rabeprazole 20mg Risperidone - 2mg Rofecoxib - 25mg & 50mg Rofecoxib - 25mg & 50mg Mouth Dissolving Dc Granules Sildenafil Citrate - 50mg & 100mg Sildenafil Citrate Mouth Dissolving Simvastatin 10mg & 20mg Valdecoxib - 20mg Tadalafil 10 Mg & 20mg Premixes and feed supplements : BRAND NAME : TITAVIT TITADOT 25% TITATOX TITALENE-SE TITACOX TITAFURA-20% TITA PHEROL TITAMOX TITADEC TSELEN TITAZINE TITAMAXIN TITASALINO -G TITASALINO -P TITACHLOR-CTC TITAPLEX -5X ITACLOP ?25% TITADOX?2% LYMECAL-BE TITA-ZB - 10% TITA-ES TITALYTE TITAMIL ACTIVE INGREDIENTS : Vitamin AB2D3K Feed Premix Dinitrolumide 25% Animal Feed Premix Combination Of Herbal& Mineral Toxin Adsorbents / Toxin Bider Vitamin E And Selenium Premix Maduramycin Ammonium 1%W/W Premix Furazolidone 20% Feed Additive Vitamin E Acetate 50% Powder Diclazuril Graulated 0.5% Premix Vitamin AD3EC Oral Liquid Vitamin E And Selenium Liquid Oral Cyromazine 1% W/W Animal Feed Additive Lincomycin 4.4%W/W Animal Feed Premix Salinomycin Sodium Micro Granulated 12% Salinomycin Sodium Powder 12% Chlorotetracycline 15% W/W Feed Grade Vitamin B Complex Liquid Concentrate Animal Feed Supplement Cocciodiostat Highly Effective Antibacterial Soluble Powder Double Strength ? (Poultry Feed Supplement B-Complex Powder) Poultry Feed Supplement Vitamin 'E' Potentiated With Selenium Minerals Carbohydrates Electrolyte Poultry Feed Concentrate Vitamin Mineral Feed Supplement For Poultry And Livestock Veterinary Products : Albendazole. Chlorpheniramine Maleate. Praziquantel Antimony Potassium Tartrate Ferrous Sulphate Copper Sulphate Anhydrous Cobalt Chloride B.Vet.C Ampicillin Sodium. Equivalent to Anhydrous Ampicillin Cloxacillin Sodium Sodium Chloride Potassium Chloride Sodium Bicarbonate Sodium Acid Phosphate Sodium Citrate Calcium Lactate Magnesium Sulphate Lactose Ascorbic Acid (coated) Silica in Dimethicone B.Vet.C. Arachis Oil Ascorbic Acid(As Sodium Ascorbate.) Neomycin Sulphate Equivalent to Neomycin Doxycycline Hydrochloride Vitamin C Oxyclozanaide B.P.(Vet) Oxyclozanide B.P.(Vet) Jar Oxyclozanide B.P.(Vet) Fenbendazole Rafoxanide Levamisole Formulations : The Directors of Titan Pharma also on the board of various companies in Rekvina Group. Titan and Rekvina has reached an MOU for marketing and production of finished formulations. All the products of Titan Pharma are manufactured at various facilities of Rekvina. A brief Introduction of Rekvina is given below. Intermediates : Allopurinol Almotriptan Aambroxol Amlodipine intermidiate Aripiprazole Astemizole Atenolol Atorvastatin Bambuterol Hcl Benazepril Bicalutamide Blupropion HCL Carevidiol Celecoxib Cinnarizine Citalopram / Escitapram Oxalate Clopidogrel hydrogen sulphate Cloricromen solvent orange Corvedilol Diltiazem hcl Donepezil Doxazosin Mesylate & others Duloxetine Enalapril Etodolac Etoricoxib Famotidine Fluconazole Fluoxetine hcl Fopiramate Frovatriptan Gabapentin GemcItabine Glibencalmide Glimepiride Glipizide Hydrochlothiazide Ibuprofen Irbesartan Itracanazole Ketoconazole Ketoconazole / Itraconazole Lamotrigene Lansoprazole Lisinopril Loratidine Lumiracoxib Mebeverine Mizolastine Modafinal Montelukast Mosapride Naratripatan Nevirapine Nimodipine Nitrendipine Nizatidine Nutritional Products Olanzapine Omeprazole Ondansetron hydrochloride dihydrate Other products Oxatomide Pantoprazole Perindopril Piretanide Quetiapine Quinapril Rabeprazole Raloxifene / flavoxate Ramapril Risperidone Rizatriptan Rizatriptan Benzoate Rosiglitazone Maleate Sertraline Hcl Sildenafil Base Spirapril Sulfacetamide Sulpha drugs Sulphathiazole Sulpiride Sultamppicilline Sumatriptan Sumatriptan succinate Syringaldehyde Tamsulosin hcl Terfenadine Tizanidine Hcl Timolo maleate Tolbutamide Tramadol hcl Trandolapril Venlafaxine Vincristine sulphate Warfarin Ziprasidone Zolmztriptan Chemicals : AMMONIUM BROMIDE AMMONIUM MOLBDATE ASCORBIC ACID - VIT C BEESWAX BENZOUL PEROXIDE BENZYL ALCOHOL FFC BENZYL BENZOATE BENZYL SALICYLATE BORIC ACID CALCIUM CARBONATE - PPTD CALCIUM CHLORIDE CALCIUM CHLORIDE FUSED CALCIUM HYPOPHOSPHITE CALCIUM STEARATE CETOSTEARYL ALCOHOL CHLORAMINE -T CHROMIUMACETATE CHLORIDE CHROMIUMACETATE FORMATE CITRIC ACID COBALT CARBONATE COBALT NITRATE COBALT SULPHATE COPPER SULPHATE CREAM OF TARTRATE DI BASIC LEAD STEARATE DI SODIUM HYDROGEN CITRATE DIBENZYL ETHER EMULSIFYING WAX IONIC/NON IONIC ETHYLENE GLYCOL ETHYLENE GLYCOL MONOSTEARATE FERROUS SULPHATE GLYCERINE MONO STEARATE GOLD CHLORIDE GOLDEN FLOUR DOMESTIC HYDROBROMIC LAURYL ALCOHOL LEAD STEARATE LITHIUM CARBONATE MAGALDRATE MAGNESIUM CARBONATE MAGNESIUM HYDROXIDE MAGNESIUM STEARATE MAGNESIUM TRISILICATE MERCURY SALTS MONO AMMONIUM PHOSPHATE MONO/DI POTASSIUM PHOSPHATE NICKEL SULPHATE OLEIC ACID ORTHO CHLORO BENZOIC BENZALDEHYDE PARA CABOXY BENZENE SULPHONAMIDE PIPERAZINE ADIPATE STEARIC ACID POTASSIUM BROMATE POTASSIUM CHLORIDE POTASSIUM DI PHOSPHATE POTASSIUM PHOSPHATE DI BASIC PSYLLIUM HUSK PSYLLIUM SEED SILVER FLUORIDE SILVER OXIDE SILVER SULPHADIAZINE SODIUM ACETATE SODIUM BROMATE SODIUM CHLORIDE SODIUM CMC DVP SODIUM CMC HVP SODIUM CMC MVP SODIUM HYPOPHOSPHATE SODIUM MOLYBDATE SODIUM PHOSPHATE SODIUM STARCH GLYCOLAT SODIUM SULPHIDE SORBITAN MONO-OLEATE STEARYL ALCOHOL TETRA POTASSIUM PYRO PHOSPHATE TRI BASIC LEAD SULPHATE TRI SODIUM PHOSPHATE VASELINE ZINC AMMONIUM CHLORIDE ZINC CHLORIDE ZINC NITRATE ZINC PHOSPHATE ZINC SULPHATE AMMONIUM CHLORIDE ARACHIS OIL BARIUM STEARATE BENZALDEHYDE 2 SULPHONIC ACID SODIUM SALT BENZYL ACETATE BENZYL CHLORIDE BORAX - DECCA GRANULAR CALCIUM ACETATE CALCIUM CARBONATE ACTIVATED CALCIUM CHLORIDE ANHYDROUS CALCIUM CITRATE CALCIUM PROPIONATE CALCIUM STEARATE CETYL ALCOHOL CHROME ALUM CHROMIUMACETATE FLUORIDE CINNAMIC ALCOHOL COBALT ACETATE COBALT CHLORIDE COBALT OXIDE COPPER ACETATE COSMETIC-GRADE STEARIC ACID DI AMMONIUM PHOSPHATE DI CALCIUM PHOSPHATE DI SODIUM PHOSPHATE DI SODIUM EDTA ETHYL ACETATE ETHYLENE GLYCOL DISTEARATE FERRIC PYRO PHOSPHATE GLYCERINE GLYCERYL MONO STEARATE GOLDEN FLOUR DELUXE HALAZONE IMPROVER ENZYMES LEAD ACETATE L-GLUTAMIC ACID USSRP LITHIUM HYDROXIDE MAGNESIUM ALLUMINIUM SILICATE MAGNESIUM CARBONATE LIGHT MAGNESIUM OXIDE MAGNESIUM SULPHATE MAIZE STARCH MESHZYME MONO SODIUM PHOSPHATE (CRYSTAL / ANHYDROUS) MONO/DI AMMONIUM PHOSPHATE NICKEL CHLORIDE OCTYL DECYL ALCOHOL ORTHO CHLORO BENZOIC ACID PALLADIUM CHLORIDE PHOSPHORIC ACID PIPERAZINE CITRATE POTASSIUM ACETATE POTASSIUM BROMIDE POTASSIUM CITRATE POTASSIUM IODIDE POTASSIUM SORBATE PSYLLIUM HUSK POWDER SILVER CYANIDE SILVER NITRATE SILVER POTASSIUM CYANIDE SILVER SULPHATE SODIUM ACID PHOSPHATE SODIUM BROMIDE SODIUM CITRATE SODIUM CMC DVP SPECIAL SODIUM CMC LVP SODIUM HEXA META PHOSPHATE SODIUM IODIDE SODIUM PERBORATE MONOHYDRATE SODIUM POTASSIUM TARTRATE SODIUM STEARATE SODIUM TUNGSTATE SORBITAN MONOSTEARATE FLAKES TARTARIC ACID TETRA SODIUM PYRO PHOSPHATE TRI CALCIUM PHOSPHATE TRICLOSAN ZINC ACETATE ZINC CARBONATE ZINC HYDROXIDE ZINC OXIDE ZINC STEARATE Fine Chemicals : 1-Acetonaphthone 1-Chloromethyl Naphthalene 1-Naphthoic Acid 2-Acetonaphthone 2-Chloro Benzyl Chloride Alfa Amyl Cinnamaldehyde Alpha Naphthyl Aceto Nitrile Benzal Acetone Benzaldehyde Benzhydrol Benzoin Benzophenone Benzyl Acetate Benzyl Benzoate Benzyl Chloride Benzyl Propionate Bithionol Sulfoxide Cinnamic Acid Diphenylacetonitrile Meta Chloro Benzaldehyde Meta Chloro Benzoic Acid Ortho Chloro Benzaldehyde Ortho Chloro Benzoic Acid Ortho Chloro Phenyl Acetic Acid Para Chloro Benzyl Cyanide Para Chloro Phenyl Acetic Acid Phenyl Acetate Phenyl Iso Thio Cyanate Pharma Ingredients : 2- Dimethyl Amino Pyridine 2-(N-Methyl-2-Pyridyl) Amino Ethanol 2, 4 Di-Chloro Benzoic Acid 2, 6-Dichloro Pyridine 2-Amino-4-Nitro-1-Propoxy Benzene 2-Bromo Pyridine 2-Chloro Acetamide 2-Chloro Pyridine 2-Methoxy-5-Amino Sulfonyl Methyl Benzoate 2-Methylamino Pyridine 2-Methylamino-6-Methoxy Pyridine 3-Carboxy-4-Methoxy Bezene Sulfonamide 4-(4-Phenyl)-4-Hydroxy Piperidine 4-Amino Piperidine 4-bromo aceto phenone 4-bromo propiophenone 4-bromoanisole 4-bromochloro benzene 4-bromophenol 4-chloro propiophenone 4-Chloro-3-Sulfamoyl Benzoic Acid 4-chloroacetophenone 4-chlorobenzhydrol 4-chlorophenacyl bromide 4-Dimethylamino Butyraldehyde Diethylacetal 4-methoxy acetophenone 4-methylbenzophenone 4-Nitro Phthalimide 5-Bromo Phthalide 5-Sulfosalicylic Acid Dihydrate Benzophenone hydrazone Bromo diphenylmethane Bromoacetaldehyde dimethyl acetal Chloro diphenylmethane Cis Mesylate Cis-Bromo Benzoate Diphenylmethane Glycerol Mono Para Amino Benzoate Isopropyl-3-Amino Crotonate Methyl-3-Amino Crotonate N-Acetyl Sulfanilamide N-Acetyl Sulfathiazole N-Acetyl-4-Piperidone N-Bromo Succinimide N-Chloro Succinimide N-Ethyl-4-Piperidone N-Iso Propyl-4-Amino Piperidine N-Methyl-4-Amino Piperidine Tert-N-BOC-4-Piperidone

Contact Info

Mr Piyush Shah

Titan Pharma (India) Pvt Ltd

210,Kanara Business Center (KBC),
2ND Floor 'A" Wing,
Behind Everest Garden
Off Ghatkopar Andheri Link Road
Bombay - 400 075 (Maharashtra) India

Phone(s) : +91-22- 5597 48 49 / 5597 48 50
Mobile :
Fax : +91-22- 5597 48 51 / 2340 16 30

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