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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Chemicals Products - Manufacturer, Trader, Export / Import,
Public. Ltd. Firm Since 2004

The Company, Lakeland Chemicals (India) Ltd is the Indian subsidiary of Lakeland Laboratories Ltd., (U.K.)., who had earlier presence in India as joint venture partners with Enva Chem (India) Ltd., Mumbai. We have set up a most modern state-of-the-art manufacturing plant near Mumbai and the plant is fully operational since November, 2004. The plant is equipped with computerised process control, innovative R & D centre, Quality assurance and Application labs, all located in the factory premises at KHALAPUR near Mumbai. Day to day operations of the plant is managed by an able and motivated team of highly qualified technical personnel.

Prime business objective is manufacturing and marketing of speciality chemicals required by various industries with special emphasis on the Textile industry. With the technical and financial strength of our parent company in U.K. And its earlier joint venture with Enva Chem, it is in a position to offer a comprehensive range of textile speciality chemicals comparable with the best brands available in the market. Besides textiles, the company caters to host of other industries such as paints, pigments, polymers, paper, pesticides, explosives, lubricants, oil refining and fertilizers, etc.

The Company is strongly committed towards quality of its products, customer care and ultimate customers satisfaction.

Products :
Manufacturers and traders of chemiclas such as Spin Finishes for Syntihetic Fibres and Filaments. NYLON : - LAKTEX FTG :- Spinfinish for Nylon Loy LAKFINISH 1001 :- Spinfinish for Nylon Cord. LAKFINISH 7101 :- Spinfinish for Nylon POY. LAKCORD NY :- Spinfinish for Nylon Tyrecord LAKWET HTS :- Spinfinish Additive for High Wetting. LAKFINISH 1762N :- Spinfinish component for Nylon LOY LAKTEX LV 40 :- Spinfinish component for Nylon LOY LAKO FFG 111 :- Spinfinish for Nylon LOY LAKO FFG 112 :- Spinfinish for Nylon LOY LAKOLON NTC :- Spinfinish for Nylon Tyrecord LAKDRAW 1226 :- Spinfinish for Nylon POY (High Speed Spinning). POLYESTER STAPLE FIBRE :- LAKTEX LV 40 :- Spinfinish for PSF LAKSTAT 2152 P :-Spinfinish for PSF LAKLUBE VCQC :- Spinfinish for PSF LAKSTAT HS :- Heat stable Spinfinish for PSF LAKSTAT PE 47 :- Heat stableSpinfinish for PSF LAKSPIN V - 6 :- Spinfinish for PSF LAKSTAT NGF :- Spinfinish for PSF LAKTEX SAS 100 :- Spinfinish for synthetic dyed fibre. LAKTEX SAS 200 :- Spinfinish for synthetic dyed fibre. LAKSTAT 2552 :- Single component spinfinish for PSF from recycled waste. LAKSTAT 2566 :- Single component spinfinish for PSF from recycled waste. LAKFINISH 2002 :- For POY, Flat Yarn (POY-DT, Spin Draw & Draw winder). CONNING OILS :- LAKVAGE 90 :- Coning oil for Spun Yarn. LAKCONE LV 52 :- Coning oil for Texturising. LAKLUBE 1066 :- Coning oil for dyed polyester POY. LAKON V - 85 :- Low viscosity coning oil. LAKON V - 115 :- Medium viscosity coning oil. LAKON NS - 100 :- Low splash coning oil for Polyester POY. LAKON SF - 90 :- Heat stable coning oil for Synthetic Filaments. POLYPROPYLENE : - LAKSTAT 762 :- Spinfinish for Polypropylene Filament (For High Speed) LAKSTAT 1148 PP :- Spinfinish for Polypropylene Filament (For Conventional) LAKSTAT 1148 M :- Spinfinish for Polypropylene Filament (For Spin - Draw) LAKOL VPP :- Spinfinish for Polypropylene Filament. LAKOL UNI :- Spinfinish for Polypropylene Filament. LAKTEX 668 :- Spinfinish for Polypropylene Filament. LAKFIN DPT :- Spinfinish for P.P. Multifilaments & Tapes. LAKTEX 898 :- Spinfinish for P.P. - POY DT, Spin Draw & Draw Winder Yarn. LAKFINISH 1661 :- Antistatic Agent to Avoide Hairiness for P.P. LAKFINISH 5241 :- Spinfinish for Polypropylene Fibre. LAKFINISH 5286 :- Spinfinish for P.P. Wetting & Lubricant. ACRYLIC : - LAKTEX LV - 40 :- Spinfinish component for Acrylic Fibre. LAKSTAT 2152 P :- Spinfinish component for Acrylic Fibre. LAKACRYL ACY :- Spinfinish for Acrylic Fibre. LAKSTAT HS :- Heat Stable Spinfinish for Acrylic Fibre. VISCOSE RAYON : - LAKTEX LV 40 :- Spinfinish component for Staple Fibre. LAKSTAT 2152 P :- Spinfinish component for Staple Fibre. LAKSTAT NGF :- Spinfinish component for Staple Fibre. LAKTEX V - 5 :- Spinbath Additive. LAKTEX 513 :- Viscose Modifier. LAK DPOE - V :- Spinbath Additive / Viscose modifier. LAKTEX ECG :- Viscose Modifier / Spinbath Additive. LAKTEX 2010 :- Viscose Additive for Improving Tenacity. LAKTEX H :- Rayon Finishing Agent. LAKNOL 10 R :- Spinfinish for Rayon Tyrecord. LAKNOL TF 77 :- Spinfinish for Rayon Tyrecord. LAKNOL 9216 M :- Spinfinish for Rayon Tyrecord. LAKTEX 2021 V :- Rayon Filament after treatment Finish. LAKTEX RF 9119 :- Rayon Staple Fibre Finish. (Primary finish Staple Fibre). LAKTEX RF 8228 :- Rayon Staple Fibre Finish. (Primary finish Staple Fibre). SPECIALITY PROCESS CHEMICALS SIZING:- LAKSIZE PR-30 :- Polyester resin based sizing agent for synthetic/blended warps. LAKSIZE SC 250 :- Acrylic sizing agent for cotton/synthetics and their blends. LAKSIZE SS-30 :- Nonionic sizing lubricant/softener. LAKSIZE 401 :- Nonionic After waxing agent. LAKSIZE HV-77 :- Highly effective waxing cum lubricating agent for sized and unsized warps. STAIN REMOVER:- LAKPON BCN :- Low foam nonionic stain remover cum washing agent. LAKPON 40 :- Stain remover and scouring agent. LAKPON MFSR :- Highly effective multi-functional stain remover. LAKPON BC :- Anionic washing and stain removing agent. PRE-TREATMENT:- DUPON - DWD Conc. :- Low foaming wetting & deariating agent DUPON LF :- Low foam powerful wetting agent/detergent. DUPON CNF :- Very low foaming wetting & deaerating agent. DUPON LFB :- Low foaming wetting agent having extracting properties. DUPON NF Ultra :- Non foaming powerful wetting agent for soft-flow machines. LAKWET 1186-A :- Very Effective anionic Wetting/Rewetting agent. LAKWET OTL :- Anionic Wetting /Rewetting agent. LAKWET PNP :- Anionic Wetting and Scouring agent especially for kier boiling. LAKWET 7112 :- Low foaming wetting agent for knits. LAKWET MN :- Nonionic Rapid wetting agent (APEO free deaerator). LAKPOL - D Paste :- Anionic detergent for scouring & soaping of wool and cotton. LAKPOL 1535 :- Nonionic Conc. Wetting & Scouring agent. LAKPOL PCL :- Very low foam wetting agent. LAKPOL TCD :- Detergent cum Scouring agent. LAKDET-BDH :- Alkyl Phenol-free detergent for wool LAKDET-SWS :- Detergent for raw wool. LAKQUEST 2UD :- Protonic treatment. LAKQUEST HTR :- New generation high temp. Stable sequestering agent. LAKLUX DSA :- Sequesterant with normal chelating/high dispersing power. LAKMERCE NC 40 :- Anionic mercerising agent. LAKLUX HPST :- Organic stabiliser. LAKLUX IHPST :- Inorganic Hydrogen peroxide stabiliser. LAKIL PK :- Peroxide killer / neutralizer. LAKLUBE JTX :- Lubricant rich inhibitor for rope dyeing. LAKLUBE LAC :- Lubricant cum crease resistor for preparation of dyeing bath. SPECIALITY PROCESS CHEMICALS DYEING:- LAKMOL DAB :- Dispersant cum acid buffer for disperse dyeing. LAKMOLTBMF :- Carrier for polyester dyeing. LAKMOL NSP :- Dispersing agent in powder form. LAKMOL PJD :- Multi purpose jet dyeing auxiliary. LAKXIL BDS :- Anionic pH buffer and sequesterant for disperse dyeing. LAKXIL LASA :- Levelling agent for high temp. Dyeing of Polyester Fibres LAKXIL PBRX :- Migrating agent for removal of 'Barre' effect in Polyester dyeing. LAKXIL OGR Lqd. :- Speciality dispersant for removal of Oiligomers during disperse dyeing. LAKXIL LBW :- Levelling agent for dyeing of wool, Polyamide Fibre and its blends LAKLEV DFT :- Levelling agent for Polyester dyeing. LAKLEV TE :- Levelling agent for Vat dyeing. LAKLEV V7 :- Levelling / Retarding agent for Wool and Polyamide. LAKLEV VW :- Levelling agent for acid and 1:1, 1:2 metal complex and reactive dyes. LAKSYST AC :- Anticreasing agent for jet dyeing. LAKTARD CR :- Highly effective cationic retarder for dyeing of acrylics. LAKTARD 290 :- Economical Cationic retarder for dyeing of acrylics. LAKRANG SD :- Silicone based defoamer. LAKFIX 60 :- Conc. Zero-formaldehyde dyefixing agent. LAKFIX TE :- Powerful cationic dyefixing agent LAKTREAT SK Conc. :- Powerful after treatment / soaping agent. LAKTREAT AS :- After soaping agent. LAKSOL-CRC :- Concentrated Reduction clearing agent. LAKSOL RC :- Reduction clearing agent for polyester dyeing. LAKSOL KBI Liq. :- Penetrating & Antifrothing agent for Printing & Dyeing. FINISHING :- LAKSOFT SWP :- Wash fast softener with silky feel. LAKSOFT SPL :- Cationic softener with unique soft handle for high value fabrics. LAKSOFT CP :- Cationic multipurpose softener. LAKSOFT HCS :- Non yellowing cationic softener. LAKSOFT TRM :- Low foam speciality softener for Terry Towels. LAKSOFT LNP :- Soft, bulky, elastomeric feel for Cellulosic, Polyester & it's blands. LAKSOFT RS :- Cationic Reactive softener. LAKSOFT LE :- Cationic softener which gives very good handle with body. LAKSOFT 668 :- Nonionic Special Softener. LAKSOFT H :- Nonionic Lubricant Softener. LAKSOFT CNY :- Cationic Softener Resistent to yellowing. LAKSIN - 44 :- Pseudo cationic softener LAKMIN 30 :- Multipurpose softener for natural and synthetic materials. LAKMIN DMF :- Foam finish for use on monforst foam applicator for Denim. LAKMIN DM :- Non-foam finish for Denim. LAKEWAX 60/40 :- Nonionic oxidised polyethylene wax Emulsion. LAKEWAX C 37 :- Cationic oxidised polyethylene wax emulsion. LAKSIL BKB :- Silicon based hydrophyllic softener for hosiery & knits. ANTISTATS / LUBRICANTS FOR SPINNING LAKTEX CSO :- Lubricant for Cotton Fibre. LAKTEX LV-40 :- Nonionic anitstatic lubricant for synthetic fibres and blends LAKTEX SAS 100 :- Well balanced spinfinish for the spinning of 100% viscose staple fibre. LAKTEX SAS 200 :- Single component finish remommended for spinning of Acrylic fibre and grey P/V blends. LAKSTAT 2152-P :- Nonionic antistatic lubricant for synthetic fibres and blends LAKSTAT HS :- Heat stable spin-finish component particularly for coarse and harsh fibres like Acrylic and Trilobal. LAKSTAT NGF :- Non-jelling antistatic finish for grey P/V blends. LAKLUBE VCQC :- Cationic spinfinish component for synthetic fibres and blends for enhanced cohesion. LAKCRYL ACY :- Nonionic spinfinish for Acrylic Fibre. LAKSTAT WWF :- Highly effective antistatic dressing for dyed wool tops. LAKCOMB NMW :- Mineral Oil free wool batching and combing oil used for fine micron wools. LAKTEX 1556 WB :- Mineral Oil based wool batching oil. LAKTEX S-40 :- Lubricant for sewing thread. LAKVAGE 90 :- Antistatic lubricant for spun yarns used on TFO. LAKSPIN HDR :- Lubricant and Spinning assistant for removal of honeydew from Cotton Fibre. FINISHES FOR FIBRE DYEING LAKTEX DFF :- Highly effective redressing for Polyester & Acrylic Fibres post dyeing (in liquid form). LAKTEX F :- Effective redressing for Polyester and Acrylic Fibres post dyeing. AKTEX DHF :- Economical redressing for Polyester and Acrylic Fibres post dyeing. AUXILIARIES FOR FIBRE DYEING:- LAKXIL LASA :- Levelling agent for high temp. Dyeing of Polyester Fibres LAKXIL LBW :- Levelling agent for dyeing of wool, Polyamide Fibre and its blends LAKXIL OGR LQD. :- Speciality dispersant for removal of Oligomers during disperse dyeing. LAKLEV DFT :- Levelling agent for Polyester dyeing. LAKLEV TE :- Levelling agent for vat dyeing. LAKLEV V7 :- Levelling agent for wool and polyamides. LAKLEV VW :- Levelling agent for dyeing with acid and metal complex dyes 1:1, 1:2. LAKTARD CR :- Highly effective cationic retarder for dyeing of acrylics. LAKTARD 290 :- Economical Cationic retarder for dyeing of acrylics. LAKMOL TBMF :- Carrier for Polyester dyeing. LAKMOL PJD :- Multipurpose auxiliary for jet dyeing. LAKMOL DAB :- Dispersant cum acid buffer for disperse dyeing. LAKSOL RC :- Reduction clearing agent for polyester dyeing. LAKSOFT CP :- Cationic softener for acrylic / cotton fibre dyeing. LAKSOFT 668 :- Nonionic softener for polyester fibre dyeing. LAKSOFT SPL :- Speciality softener for polyester and other fibre, both synthetic and natural. LAKMIN 30 :- Speciality softener for multi fibre dyeing. LAKRANG SD :- Highly effective silicone based Defoamer. LAKQUEST 555 :- Chelating / Complexing agent.

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Mr. Jitendra Sharma
A. G. M. Marketing


101, Vasan Udyog Bhavan,
Senapati Bapat Marg.
Opp. Phoenix High Steet,
Lower Parel (W),
Mumbai - 400013 (Maharashtra) India

Phone(s) : +91-22-24961555
Mobile : +91-9323072370
Fax : +91-22-24981555


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