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Tata Chemicals. Ltd

Badaun, Uttar Pradesh, India

Chemicals Products - Manufacturer,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 1994

Tata Chemicals commissioned its fertiliser division in December 1994, in Babrala in the Badaun district of Uttar Pradesh state in northern India. The complex manufactures urea, a widely used chemical fertiliser, and has an installed capacity of 8, 64, 600 tonnes per year, which constitutes nearly 12 per cent of the total urea produced by the country's private sector. The complex also houses an ammonia plant with a capacity of 1, 520 tonnes per day.

Plant highlights

Commissioned in a record time of 37 months at a cost of
Rs 14.75 billion, the plant has a maximum capacity utilisation of 146 per cent. Though, the plant's 100-per-cent reassessed capacity utilisation makes it probably the most energy-efficient in the country. It is also the only one using low-energy, low-pressure technology.

The complex is unique in many ways, prominent among them being:

A 1, 520-tonne per day (tpd), single-stream ammonia plant designed by the worldwide leaders in ammonia technology, Haldor Topsoe of Denmark.
A 2, 250-tpd urea plant in two streams of 1, 125 tpd each. Designed by Snamprogetti, it is based on ammonia-stripping technology.
Two 20 MW gas turbines for full reliability on the power front.
A bagging plant, an effluent treatment plant and other offsite facilities.
Quality of design and construction reflected in shortest start-up period and smooth functioning
Fully integrated energy network.
Complete flexibility in feedstock and fuel.
Low-energy processes in ammonia and urea plants.
New concept of pre-reforming adopted in ammonia plant.
Common single central control room for coordinated and integrated control.
Complete in-house design and engineering for offsites, and utilities for high reliability.
All major equipment and machinery indigenously manufactured and supplied.
Best environmental management methods used -- least water consumption and effluent generation; zero effluent discharge outside the campus.
ISO 14001 certification obtained in October 2000.

Products :
The Tata Kisan Sansar TCL supplements such government initiatives by undertaking programmes to educate farmers at the grassroots level in the proper use of urea manufactured by it. The company provides these services through the Tata Kisan Sansar (TKS). TKS is a major initiative undertaken by the company to provide a package of end-to-end services to farmers, including the use of modern technology to help increase yield, soil analysis and advice on NPK ratios, leasing out farm equipment, and providing credit. TCL supplies quality urea to farmers through the TKS and through its huge network of distributors.

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Ajay Kumar

Tata Chemicals. Ltd

Instrumentation Dept Tata Chemicals Ltd Babrala distt Badaun .
Badaun - 242021 (Uttar Pradesh) India

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