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Chandras' Chemical Enterprises (P) Ltd.


Chandras' Chemical Enterprises (P) Ltd.



A Quality Product from
Chandras' Chemical Enterprises (P) Ltd. [View Profile]
Kolkata - India

Description :
-Base Synthetic Rubber
-Solvent Aromatic and Aliphatic Solvent Combination
-Solid Content Approximately 20-21%
Colour Tan
-Viscosity 1850 - 2100 cps at 30 degree Centigrade
-Method of Application Make sure that the surfaces to be bonded are even, clean, dry and free from grease/oil. A coat of adhesive is to be applied uniformly on both the surfaces to be joined. Porous substrates like leather may require two coats for superior bonding. Wait for 10 minutes to allow the solvent to evaporate. Place the coated surfaces one above the other, while the adhesive remains tacky. Press the coated surfaces firmly together.
-Caution Highly inflammable. Replace lid immediately after partial use. Store in a cool and dry place.
-Packing 20 ltrs, 10 ltr, 5 ltrs, 2 ltrs, 1 ltr, 500ml, 200 ml, 75 ml, 50 ml, 20 ml, 10 ml (20 ltrs to 75 ml in container, others in tube.).

Product Applications :
Leather, engineering, flooring, automobile, electronics & similar others.

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Chandras' Chemical Enterprises (P) Ltd.

We are leading manufacturer of Industrial Adhesives in the country. We manufactures and markets a wide variety of Synthetic Adhesives based on Polychloroprene, Polyurethane, Epoxy, EVA, Lamination and other Elastomers. Our major product is marketed under the brand name 'DENDRITE' PRODUCT RANGE : Dendrite 2006 Dendrite OR - 1005 Dendrite OR - 1000 Dendrite OR - 5000 Dendrite OR - 7500 Dendrite OR - 8100 Dsm 94 95L Plus Dendrite - FW Dendrite PC-65 Dendrite PC-95 Dendrite GP Dendrite EXP Dendrite PC Dendrite PC Export DendriteBQ FIXOBOND-PC-80A FIXOBOND FOAMGRIP D/ SP. GEN. Sprayable D/SONA PU-100 D/PU-201 D/TPR PRIMER D/EVA PRIMER YAMADUR-H-20 YAMADUR-H-98 YAMADUR -R-22 FUZIDUR X 50 YAMAPOXY Hardener YAMAPOXY Resin D/SUPER -GLUE Dendrite Plus Dendrite 96L/60 Dendrite 99L-25C Dendrite 2066 Dendrite 2075 Dendrite Adhesive Fylon Primer Yamapoxy Resin(BG) Yamapoxy Hardener(BG) Yamapoxy Resin BG 2000 Yamapoxy Hard. BG 2001 LA PC 60 A LA 2066 B PU 95 L Plus D/ Kit Supreme D/ Kit D/ Solution D/ Tube D/ NS D/ DSM 94-K D/ SP 202 D/ SP 101 D/ SP 99 Fixobond FW F/ Express D/AT 104 OR 6500 OR 5000(Black) UV 4000 MXP] OR 3000 OR 880 PU 99 Hardener L50 Denstick PU 2060 B Hardener 75 D/OP Leather Primer Hardener L85 Dendrite AS 88 Dendrite PVC Cement.

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