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Even Better Tech. Co., Ltd


Even Better Tech. Co., Ltd

Antistatic/Conductive Paint Range


A Quality Product from
Even Better Tech. Co., Ltd [View Profile]
Pater - China

Description :
Conductive paint
Material:Epoxy resin or PU resin.
Resistivity:10e3~10e5 ohm/sq

Product Applications :
Cement, Metal, Plastic

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Even Better Tech. Co., Ltd

Manufacturers and Exporers & Services Of In ESD protection and control consumable products for cleanroom. Products service--From raw material, formulations, compounds to the end products. Technical service--Introduction, education, plan, inspection. Material : Conductive agent, Conductive paint, Antistatic plastic compounds, Conductive Plastic compounds (PP, PE, PS, ABS, Nylon, PVC, PC/ABS) etc.   Semi finished goods: Antistatic/Conductive PS sheet for tray, Antistatic/Conductive PP corrugated sheet, cleanroom fabrics, Conductive Carrier Tape etc. ESD protection & control Products : Cleanroom uniform, Antistatic/cleanroom shoes, slippers, boots, slippers, sandals, Antistatic chair, seats, Antistatic wrist strap, conductive PP strapping band, Conductive/Antistatic foam, Antistatic rubber bands, Antistatic wax, Antistatic gloves, Disposable products for cleanroom use( shoes cover, face mask, coverall, cleanroom wiper, bouffant caps etc.), and conductive corrugated box, container etc.

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