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Huatong Chemical & Light Co.,Ltd.


Huatong Chemical & Light Co.,Ltd.

wood glue & glue


A Quality Product from
Huatong Chemical & Light Co.,Ltd. [View Profile]
HUZHOU - China

Description :
PVA wood glue & PVAC emulsion
( PVA wood glue, wood glue, glue ,bonding adhesive, pvac emulsion )
Mostly used in wood, furniture, paper, fur indoor and outdoor products. It is belong to environment protection products.
Solid content: 52%min
Viscosity: 3000Mpa.s min
1l--200l plastic bottle.
contact: angel sheng

Product Applications :

Terms and Conditions :

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Huatong Chemical & Light Co.,Ltd.

Manufacturers of chemicals like Polyvinyl acetate Emulsion (PVAC Emulsion, white glue), Radiator Cool Ant, RTV Silicone, Fuel Injector Cleaner, Super Oil Treatment, Silicone Sealant, Super Glue, Starting Fluid, Motor Flush, Dashboard Polish. Contact: angel sheng Email: htchem06@yahoo.Com.Cn Web: www.Huatongchem.Com

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