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pingxiang huihua chemical packing co.,ltd


pingxiang huihua chemical packing co.,ltd

ceramic rings(acid resistant ceramic packing,tower packing)


A Quality Product from
pingxiang huihua chemical packing co.,ltd [View Profile]
pingxiang - China

Description :
Ceramic ring(packing) has excellent acid resistance and heat resistance. It can resist to corrosion of various inorganic acids, organic acids and organic solvents except hydrofluoric acid, and can be used in high or low temperature conditions. Consequently the application range is very wide. Ceramic ring(packing) can be used in the drying columns, absorbing columns, cooling towers, scrubbing towers and actifier columns in chemical industry, metallurgy industry, coal gas industry, oxygen producing industry, etc. include
1.ceramic saddle ring
2.ceramic supper saddle ring
3.ceramic rasching ring
4.ceramic pall ring
5.ceramic cross-partition ring
6.ceramic cascade ring
7. ceramic berl saddle ring.

The products of our corporation have excellent acid resistance and water absorption. Thousands cubic meters of products were delivered to United States, Germany, South Africa, Singapore, Korea, England, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Italy, Kuwait and Israel.

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pingxiang huihua chemical packing co.,ltd

1.Ceramic ball, alumina ball, ceramic ring, honeycomb ceramics, molecular sieve, activated alumina, catalyst. 2. Ceramic/plastic/metallic tower packings, ceramic balls, alumina balls, ceramic rings, ceramic honeycomb, molecular sieves. 3. Ceramic pall ring, ceramic rasching ring, ceramic cascade ring, ceramic cross partition ring, ceramic saddle ring, ceramic super saddle ring, ceramic conjugate ring, ceramic tri-Y ring, ceramic combined ring. 4.Inert alumina ceramic ball, refractory(fireproof) ceramic ball, grinding(milling) ceramic ball, activated ceramic ball, thermal storage ceramic ball, filtering ceramic ball. 5.Waste gas purification catalyst, ammonia decomposition catalyst, sulfur recovery catalyst, porous ceramic filtering brick &pipe, sand ceramic filter, grain ceramic filter, heat and acid resistant brick & pipe, sulfuric acid supporting structure, activated carbon.

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