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zhengzhou goldenstar chemical co.,ltd


zhengzhou goldenstar chemical co.,ltd



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zhengzhou goldenstar chemical co.,ltd [View Profile]
zhengzhou - China

Description :
Name: Carbonyl Diamin
Molecular Formula: CO(NH2)2
Molecular Weight: 60.055
Cas: 108-78-1

features :
Property: Urea is also called carbamide. It is soluble in water and alcohol. Its water solubility is faintly alkaline. It decomposes when heated over fusing point. Under high temperature, it can undergo a condensation reaction and form biuret, triuret and polyhydrocyanic acid. It is an ideal neutral and fast-effective fertilizer, but can also be used as fodder for ruminant animals. It is also used as raw material for urea-formaldehyde resin, plastics, paint, adhesion agent, and for pharmaceutical and foodstuff industries. In addition, it is used as an additive to raffinate solvent, fiber softening agent, and explosive stabilizer.

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zhengzhou goldenstar chemical co.,ltd

Caustic soda flakes, acetic acid glacial, formic acid, synthetic cryolite, boric acid, borax, H acid, J acid, DOP, DBP, STPP, SHMP, Oxalic acid, sodium hyposulphate, sodium bicarbonate, sodium formate, zinc oxide, zinc sulphate, zirconium dioxide, pentaerithritol, UMP, PMP, stearic acid, carbon black, lithopone, hydrogen peroxide, sulphur black, aluminium sulphate and so on.

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