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Shanghai Twisun Bio-pharm Co.,Ltd


Shanghai Twisun Bio-pharm Co.,Ltd

Lapatinib CAS: 231278-20-9


A Quality Product from
Shanghai Twisun Bio-pharm Co.,Ltd [View Profile]
Shanghai - China

Description :
Product Name: N-[3-Chloro-4-(3-fluorobenzyloxy)phenyl]-6-iodoquinazolin-4-amine,Lapatinib Intermediate,CAS: 231278-20-9
CAS: 231278-20-9
MW: 505.71
Description : pale yellow crystalline powder
Loss on dry : Not More Than 1.0%
Purity : Not Less Than 98.0%
Quality Standard:Enterprise Standard
Transport and storage:Stored in cool,dry,well-closed,light-resistant containers
Period of Validity: 2 years

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Shanghai Twisun Bio-pharm Co.,Ltd

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