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wu han yuan cheng


wu han yuan cheng

DL-p-chlorophenyl glycine


A Quality Product from
wu han yuan cheng [View Profile]
wuhan - China

Description :
DL-p-chlorophenyl glycine
cas No. :6212 -33-5
Molecular formula: c8h9no2cl
Molecular Weight: 185.62
Quality Standard: Enterprise Standard
Appearance: white crystalline powder
Assay: ≥ 98%
Applications: pharmaceutical intermediates and pesticide intermediates.
Packing: 20kg / drum

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wu han yuan cheng

Wuhan Yuancheng Gongchuang Technology Co., Ltd. Is a leading special in fine chemical, flavor, food additive, pharmaceutical and intermediates. Resort to its sophisticated technology Chinese chemical supplier, the company integrates R&D, producing, operating and marketing into an organic whWe invest large fund and brains into R&D, developing new products and pioneering new technics, to meet the demand of the market. All the products from our plants are the fruit of out R&D department, reaching the advanced standard of domestic market, many of which reach the international standard. Yuancheng factory is in Nanhu Shouyi Industrial District, just by the side of the beautiful South Lake in Wuhan. Ole.

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