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chemicals Member Directory(Degreasers)


[Belmont, United States]
Supplier of environmentally safe industrial cleaners for transportation, graphic arts, protein feed and general industies. -Construction Industry: Ready Mix Concrete 1. Mixer Wash & Wax line of products 2. Rev-Con 108+ line of products 3. Westech? CT-3500 Blaster 4. Westech? Chem-Crete 3000 5. Westech? CT-3015 Cab Cleaner 6. Westech? CT-510 Mixer Truck Soap 7. Westech? CT-300.....

Sochem Solutions, Inc.

[Gonzales, United States]
Sochem Solutions, Inc. - Manufacturer that custom blends cleaning compounds and commodity chemicals for the petro chemical, paper, agricultural and transportation industries. Contractor to the U.S. Government. -Services: Foamers / Steam Cleaners Blending Center Solutions Dust Control Products: -Pulp & Paper Industry Products: Partial list of chemicals we can provide: Package Boilo.....

Consolidated Chemex (tm)Corporation

[New Brunswick, United States]
We are Manufacturer of detergents, degreasers, sanitizers and various cleaning chemicals. Chemex also has a complete line of food processing cleaners. Chemicals We Sell:- Building Cleaners, Steam Cleaning Compounds, Aluminum Brighteners, Mobile Home Cleaners, Vehicle and Equipment Cleaners, Step One - Step Two Cleaner, Detergents, Degreasers. Our Products are:- Acid Cleaners, All Purp.....

Consolidated Chemex (tm) Corporation

[New Brunswick, United States]
Manufacture of Following Products:- Acid Cleaners, All Purpose Cleaners, Cleaners, Chemical Specialties, Degreasers, D-Limonene Degreasers, Detergents, Disinfectants, Dish Washing Detergents, Food Industry Cleaners, Hard surface Cleaners, Laundry Products, Metal Cleaners, Solvents. Manufacture of Additional Parts and Accessories:- CAT Pump, General Pump, Giant Pump, Hypro Pump, Booster Pump.....

Guardian Anti Corrosive Pvt. Ltd.

[Chennai, India]
Manufactuers & Exporters of metal treatment chemicals, DEGREASERS, DERUSTERS, PHOSPHATING CHEMICALS, Iron, Zinc, Manganese, Tri-Cation, ALUMINIUM PHOSPHATING, ALUMINIUM CHROMATING, BLACK OXIDIZING CHEMICALS, RUST PREVENTIVES, RUST CONVERTERS, PAINT STRIPPERS Degreasers - For Ferrous, Non-ferrous, cold forming Derusters - For both Ferrous and non-ferrous Phosphating - Iron (spray & dip ).....

ArroChem, Inc.

[Mt. Holly, United States]
Manufacturer of quality, specialty, and industrial chemicals Products: -Custom Blends: Acid Blends Alkaline Solutions Coatings Adhesives Oils and Solvents Soaps / Detergents Pastes Powders Emulsions Suspensions/Dispersions -Industrial Lubricants: Anti-Corrosion Braiding Oils Silicone Emulsions Silicone Oils Thread Lubricants -Metal Finishing Chemicals: Bras.....

Perma Inc.

[Bedford Ma., United States]
Manufacturer of janitorial products and speciality chemicals, such as floor finishes, epoxy coatings and polyurethanes for wood and concrete. -Floor Finishes: Sealers Foundation - Acrylic Tile Sealer Landmark - Permanent Tile Sealer Onyx (Black Sealer) Resilient Tile Floor Finishes Flash - Fast Drying Floor Finish Cutting Edge - Extended Durability Floor Finish Lock Gloss - UHS Floo.....

Callington Haven Pty Ltd

[New South Wales, Australia]
Manufacturers and marketers of high quality innovative specialty chemicals for a broad range of dedicated markets. Aerospace Specialty Chemicals- Aircraft Paint Removal Aircraft Cleaners Corrosion Treatment Inflight Products Solvents/CIC Removal/Degreasers Welding & Metal Treatment Products- Albright Alu-Weld Cal-Guard anti-spatter spray Cal-Guard nozzle dip gel Metaprep 1 Prosol.....

Spurrier Chemical Companies, Inc.

[Wichita, United States]
Manufacturer of dish washing products, degreasers, disinfectants, sanitizers, glass cleaners, laundry and floor care products. -Dishwashing Products & Sanitizers: HAND DISHWASHING PRODUCTS 3RD SINK SANITIZERS (EPA REG.) MACHINE DISHWASHING PRODUCTS -General Purpose Cleaners/Degreasers: EC-105 PINE CLEANER EC-150 KITCHEN DEGREASER (CORROSIVE) 901 ALL PURPOSE CLEANER/DEGREASER INTERI.....

Environmental Chemicals & Lubricants Co.

[Easton, United States]
Manufacturer of industrial cleaners, degreasers, and high temp lubricants. Will custom blend to specifications. -Cleaners & Degreasers: Citrusafe 2000 Non-Butyl Multi- Purpose Cleaner Spontaneous Emulsifier Ultra-Sonic & Soak Tank Solution ECL CD Economical Cleaner & Degreaser Swypers Industrial Hand & Tool Wypes Hand & Tool Towels Generation 2000 Electro-Clean Effective Replacement.....

RX Marine International

[Navi Mumbai,Vashi, India]
Raw Materials Paints Raw Materials Swimming Pool Chemicals Food Grade Chemicals Oil Field & Drilling Chemicals Oilfields * Paints * Laboratories * Laundries * Water Treatment General Cleaners and Detergents, Floor and Carpet Care Products, Kitchen Hygiene Products, Deodorizers and Disinfectants, Wash Room Products, Hard Surface Cleaners and Degreasers, Drain Unblockers, Rust and Stain Remover.....


[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturers of Construction Chemicals, Water Treatment Chemicals, Industrial Maintenance Chemicals, Corrosion Inhibitors, Concrete Admixture, Water Proofing Chemicals, Degreasers, Rust Removers.....


[Niagara Falls, United States]
Our Products are as follows -Rust & Corrosion VCI Corrosion Control (Rust Protection) VCI Paper Sheets VCI Poly Plastic Film VCI Heat Sealable Bag VCI Gusset Bags VCI Powder Military Specifications -Electronic Corrosion Protection Rustproofing System for Cars, Trucks & Mobile Equipment -Corrosion Control VCI Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors available from Kpr Adcor Inc VCI Cor.....

Beaver Research Company

[Michigan, United States]
Manufacturers of industrial cleaning products that are non chlorinated, ozone safe and environmentally friendly. Presenting a sample of our line of non-chlorinated, cfc free, ozone safe products: ? The S-722 Miracle ? Detergents/Degreasers ? Industrial Aerosols ? Sewer/Drain Maintenance ? Greases and Lubricants ? Beaver Specialty Items ? Deordorizers ? Floor and Carpet Care ? Turf an.....

Guardian Anti Corrosive Pvt. Ltd.

[Chennai, India]
Manufactuers & Exporters of metal treatment chemicals & anti corrosive chemicals Anti Corrosive Chemicals Metal Treatment Chemicals Degreasers - For Ferrous, Non-ferrous, cold forming Derusters - For both Ferrous and non-ferrous Phosphating Chemicals - Iron (spray & dip ) Zinc (spray & dip ) upto 4000 mg./sq.Ft. Manganese upto 4000 mg./sq.Ft. Brushable three-in-one Chrom.....

Gotar Corporation

[Beauport (Qu?bec), Canada]
Gotar Corporation - Offers products for dissolving ferrous or non ferrous oxidation and lime deposits. Also degreasers, decarburants, and emulsifiers for organic and synthetic materials. Perfectly clean: Used according to instructions, Gotar products remove all traces of contamination without damaging the surface being cleaned. When the application is finished, the surface is entirely clea.....

Kem Canada Mfg

[Ontario, United States]
Manufacturers of the agricultural, industrial, institutional, environmental and maintenance market sectors. Kem Manufacturing Kemtreet Malone Soaps Trojan Chemicals Engineered maintenance products- Agri-Food Carpet Care Cleaners Coatings Construction Products Degreasers (water base) Disinfectants/Sanitizers Electric/Electronic Environmental Specialties Flooring - Commerci.....

Water Specialists Technologies LLC

[ Florida, United States]
Our Products are as follows Water, Wastewater and Groundwater Treatment Products: -Precipitants: POLYTHIOCARBONATE BASED SULFIDE BASED CARBAMATE BASED -Thio-Red Toxicity Info Recent Acute Toxicity Test Results Show TR-6 & TR-50 Precipitants much less toxic than DTC. -COAGULANTS: to create larger particles by neutralizing electrical charges surrounding small particles in solution. .....

Chemical Labs

[Bedford, United States]
Manufacturer of coatings and cleaners for surfaces as diverse as concrete, ceramic tile, resilient tile, wood, marble and terrazzo. Resilient Tile Floor Finishes Resilient Tile Floor Finishes Strippers Resilient Tile Maintainers Ceramic Tile Surfaces Concrete Surfaces Floor Cleaners Static Control Products Slip Resistant Products Sports Flooring Products Wood Floor Products .....

Chemicals Manufacturers Directory(Degreasers)

Zim International, Inc.

[Georgia, United States]
Manufacturers of :- *Screen Printing & Embroidery* Screens & related tools Inks & Additives Tapes & Adhesives Miscellaneous supplies *Textile Cleaning* Cleaning Equipment Cleaning Supplies *Chemicals* Automotive Air Fresheners Bacteria Products Bowl/Porcelain Cleaners Carpet Care Cooling Tower Degreasers Deodorants Disinfectants D'Limonene Dustmop Treatments Floor Finishes.....

Helix Industries, Inc.

[Perth Amboy, United States]
Our diverse detergent product line includes -Janitorial & Housekeeping Products -Laundry Products -Kitchen Products -Additional Products -Janitorial & Housekeeping Products: RESILIENT & TILE FLOORS RUG & CARPET CLEANING PRODUCTS HOUSEKEEPING DISINFECTANTS/CLEANERS DEODORANTS CLEANERS AND DEGREASERS HAND SOAPS RESTROOM MAINTENANCE -Laundry Products: DETERGENTS BLEACHES FAB.....

Ramyar Shimi

[Tehran, Iran]
Manufacturing of household factories, metal working, food & dairy industries and farm industries . Degreasers : White powder for degreasing steel & iron pieces in immersion system White powder for degreasing iron & steel pieces before enamelling White powder for degreasing iron & steel wires White powder for degreasing Aluminium & galvanized pieces Alkaline degreaser for ductile metals .....

Premiere Packaging, Inc

[Michigan, United States]
We are Manufacturer capable of formulating and filling a wide variety of specialty household and automotive chemicals. - Household - Automotive - Personal Care - Specialty - Household :- - Dishwasher Gel - Laundry Additives - Bleach-based Bath and Tile Cleaners - Multi-surface and Glass Cleaners - Floor Cleaners and Polishes - Exterior Home and Deck Cleaners and Preservative.....

Chemical Technology Associates

[Olive Branch, United States]
Suppliers of cleaning chemicals and degreaser for truck and car fleets. CTA's wood products. Q8 Log Oil Inside Satin NBS 30 Additive Restore Deck Seal Concentrate Oxo Wood Cleaner Pro-Kleen Concentrate? Deck Oil GENERAL CLEANING: -Super Foam Concentrate: Simply The Best Car and Truck wash available today! Nothing else needs to be said. -Spray Wash Concentrate: The sam.....

Stone Cold Chemicals


Hardeep Chemicals

[PMBurg, South Africa]
Manufacturers, Traders and Exporters of Chemicals. Hand Soaps - Liquid - Liquid degreasers - solvent based and water based. - Paints - Red oxide primers, - Dishwashing liquid soaps, - Laundry liquid care, - Disinfectants, - Hand grit paste for removing grease, - Adhesives, Importation and exportation of chemicals. PSA raw materials, acylic raw materials, PVAc polymers, PVC .....

Samraj Agencies

[Chennai, India]
We market Industrial Cleaners & Degreasers - Aqueous based Alkaline products - Biodegradable and Environmental friendly products. Cleaning Products are offered for cleaning both ferrous and non ferrous products. Cost Effective and will save cleaning cost of products, besides ensuring all-round safety......


[Gwalior, India]
Boiler chemicals, Cooling tower chemicals, Water Treatment Chemicals, Water Purification Equipments, Waste Water Treatment chemicals and plants, Water Testing Kits, metal treatment chemicals, cleaners, reverse osmosis plants, ion exchange plants, softeners, D.M. Plants, Dealkalizers, scale inhibitors, algaecides, oxygen scavaners, corrosion inhibitors, Pickling Inhibitors, Degreasers, Iron Blacke.....


[Chennai, India]
We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of (Industrial) Chemicals, Fertilizers, Specialty Chemicals, Other Chemicals, etc. Our Company has been in this line of business for many years and enjoy high international prestige. Our products was produced from the best raw material available in the market and we also have strict quality and safety control system that can provide cus.....


Csol products provides range of products such as csol paint remover, csol rust remover, csol electric part cleaner, csol waterless hand cleaner, csol tank cleaner, csol alkaline degreasers, csol solvent degreaser, csol oil spill dispersant, csol carbon remover, csol air cooler cleaner, csol general purpose cleaner , csol liquidate, csol descalent, csol glass cleaner etc. Csol water treatment chem.....


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