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Evans Vanodine International plc


Evans Vanodine International plc

Evans Vanodine International plc

England, , United Kingdom

Chemicals Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 0

Evans Vanodine was established in 1919 in Salford by Chemist, William Charles Evans, who initially specialised in developing and manufacturing soap and spraying essences, which were sold to cinemas, theatres and local industry in the North West of England.

The company relocated to Eccles in the 1940's, where it became known as 'Evans of Eccles'. Over the coming years it consolidated its position in the market place manufacturing a wide range of industrial hygiene chemicals. A change of name to Evans Vanodine International followed, reflecting the growing importance of both its agricultural hygiene chemicals and the business being obtained from overseas.

By the late 1970's, it was evident that the facilities at Eccles would be unable to meet the demands from both the home and export markets. A new factory was built and in March 1981 the company moved to Walton Summit just outside Preston. The company has since taken over further factory units on the industrial estate, so that now, 85 years and 2 generations of the family after William Charles Evans founded the company, it now operates from a modern 100, 000 square foot factory on a 5 acre site at Walton Summit.

Having successfully targeted two main areas for its business ? hygiene products for the cleaning industry and agricultural products for livestock protection. Evans Vanodine International has a diverse product range that varies from hand cleansers and high performance floor polishes to veterinary disinfectants and teat dips.

Extensive research and development over many years have guaranteed that Evans products are amongst the best performers available. The continued investment ensures they have the facilities and experience to help create solutions to the ever-increasing demand of industry, agriculture and the environment.

This vast expertise was certainly a contributory factor in the Microbiology Laboratory being awarded a national accreditation (UKAS) for Disinfectant Testing, in May 1992.

The company is renowned for its strictly defined procedures within the Quality Control Laboratory and throughout the manufacturing process. This commitment to total quality management was recognised in February 1990, when the company was awarded British Standard 5750 Part 2, Certificate No. 09535, now known as ISO 9002.

Although Evans own brand named products are brightly packaged and popular with customers throughout the UK, Ireland, the Far East, Latin America and the Middle East, a large percentage of products are sold under ?own label? to companies in countries all over the world ? which in itself is an indication of how other companies view Evans manufacturing standards.

Commitment to quality and service is deep rooted in the Evans family tradition and this, together with the expertise of dedicated staff throughout the company will ensure continued success for Evans Vanodine International and their customers, in the coming years.

Products :

Manufacture four main areas of products: -Janitorial products for the Cleaning & Hygiene Industry -Livestock Hygiene products for use in the Farming Industry -A range of Hygiene Chemicals for use in the Food Process Industry -Two Laundry Ranges - An Institutional Range and The Crusader Range of Industrial and Commercial Laundry Additives Janitorial Products: We manufacture a wide range of janitorial products, select an area to find some general product information: -Floor Sealing: Enhance?, Mexapol & Sus-tain, Ovacryl, Sealant B?, Superseal? & Oleo Resin, -Floor Maintaining: Clean & Shine, High Class?, E.M.C., Easy Shine, Lemon Gel & Pine Gel, -Floor polish strippers & specialised cleaners Easy Strip?, Sure Strip?, Rubicon, Emulsify, Lift?, -Disinfectants: Disinfectants & air fresheners Lime & E-Pine, Pynolic? & Pynol?, Protect, Florazol & Fresh, 1066 & Blocks, -General products Extract & Dri Foam, Search? & Fabric, Cyclone, T.S.R. & Vehicle Shampoo, Clear? & L.S.P., Mystrol -General hard surface cleaners: Apeel, Versatile? & H.S.C.?, Mystrol?, Deep Kleen?, Low Foam - Light / Heavy, -Kitchen Hygiene Lift?, Est-eem?, Oven Cleaner, Sanitise, Handsan, -Manual & auto dishwash products Blusyl, Q'sol?, Bac-Det?, Dishwash & Glasswash, Rinse Aid & Descale, -Hand cleaners: Pink Pearl?, Trigon?, Citrand?, Beaded Gel, Clean Hands, -Washroom products: Final Touch?, Clean Force, Everfresh?, T.T.C., E-phos? & Hi-phos?, Livestock Hygiene A wide variety of products are available within these main areas: -Dairy Hygiene: A Full Range of Dairy Parlour Circulation Cleaners and Bulk Milk Tank Sanitisers: Vanodine ABW Liquid, Vanosan, R 62?, Acid-Brite?, Vanodine Pink Powder, Vanorinse, Vanodine Dairy Hypochlorite, Vanodine Cold Wash, Metron, Crystal?, Vanodine Milkstone Remover, Vanodine Filter Cleaner, Q-Sol?, Pasteuriser Cleaners, -Veterinary Disinfectants and Other Products for use in a Biosecurity Programme Shift?, FAM? 30, GPC8?, Vanoquat?, Vanodox, Peradox?, Formaldehyde Liquid, Paraformaldehyde Prills, Vanodine? Animal Shampoo, Beaded Gel, Buffodine, Vanodine? V18, Vanodine? C.I.P.Cleaner, -Products for Use as Part of a Mastitis Control Programme Masodip, Masodip? Extra, Sapphire? RTU, Sapphire? 1:9, Masodine? RTU, Masodine? 1:3, Masocare? RTU, Masocare? Extra, Masocare? High Viscosity, Masofilm?, PV-PRO?, Masocare? 1:4, Vanodine? Pre-Dip, Vanodine? Udder Cream, Vanodine? Udder Salve -Buffodine and FAM 30 effective against Infectious Salmon Anaemia (ISA) Virus Aquaculture 240 (2004) 29-38 Food Process -The highest standards of cleaning and hygiene at the lowest cost-in-use -Shift Power Cleaning -Target / Target Extra Foam Cleaning -Target Acid Foam Descaling -Apex Manual Cleaning and Disinfecting -Vanoquat Cleaning and Disinfecting -Vanodox Aerial Disinfecting and Fogging -Trigon Handwashing -Handsan Rapid Drying Skin Disinfectant Laundry Products -Institutional range -The CRUSADER range of Industrial and commercial laundry additives -The Crusader Range Crusader Mainwash Detergent 25kg bag Crusader H.D. Alkali Booster 25kg bag Crusader Super Emulsifer 25 litre drum Crusader Coloursafe Bleach 25kg tub Crusader Powder Chlorine Bleach 25kg tub Crusader Fabric Softener 25 litre drum -Other products: Crusader RR Sour 25 litre drum Crusader Antichlor Sour 25kg bag

Contact Info

Evans Vanodine International plc

Brierley Road
Walton Summit

England - PR5 8AH () United Kingdom

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