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Targu mures, , Romania

Chemicals Products - Manufacturer,
Public. Ltd. Firm Since 1990

AZOMURES S.A. Is a joint-stock Romanian company established under Law no.15/1990 and the Romanian Government Decree no.1200 of 12th November 1990.
While on one side the Company ranks as the indisputable leader of the Romanian chemical fertilizers industry, on the other hand it is the sole producer of melamine and photosensitive materials in the Country.
The chemical fertilizers and melamine production facilities together with the headquarters of the Company are located on the western border of Targu Mures industrial zone, by the banks of the Mures River, 5 km away from the town center and at a distance of 10 km to the Airport. The photosensitive materials production plant is sited in the northern part of Targu Mures, at 6 km distance from the town center.
AZOMURES also holds and operates Mureseni Greenhouses, with an all-glass-covered are of 10 hectare, situated in the western part of Targu Mures at 4 km from the town center and 2 km from the Company's headquarters.
Total land under the ownership of AZOMURES is 147 hectares.
All three independent units are planned and organized to function as independent profit centers under a consolidated financial scheme.
All production units bear nameplates of most prestigious licensors such as Stamicarbon, Kellog, Kaltenbach-Thuring, Grande-Paroisse, Montedison, Konishiroku, Norsk-Hydro etc.
The Company was privatized in 1998 fiscal year by the Romanian Government. Currently, Company's shares are registered in Bucharest Stock Exchange.
The capital of AZOMURES registered as of February 16th 2004 was ROL 526.032.633.000 consisting of 526.032.633 shares with nominal value of ROL 1'000 each.

Products :

We are Manufacturer in the following products -Ammonium nitrate: AMMONIUM NITRATE is obtained by the neutralization of nitric acid with ammonia. Prills conditioning is done to prevent caking. The product is used as a surface fertilizer for cereals growing, pasturages and orchards. The optimum granulation together with non-caking feature ensure good spreading on soil by mechanical means as well as a balanced nutrition of cultures. -CALCIUM MMONIUM NITRATE / CAN is obtained by adding dolomite or calcium carbonate to ammonium nitrate melt. The product is treated with anticaking agent. Is it used as fertilizer for cereals growing, pasturages and orchards. -UREA is obtained by the synthesis of ammonia with carbon dioxide at high temperature and high pressure. The product is mainly used as a surface fertilizer, alone or in combination with other fertilizers. It proved to have good efficiency for long vegetation period cultures. The product can also be used in zootechny to complete fodder, providing animals with the proteins required. -NPK COMPLEX FERTILIZERS are obtained by the nitric acid attack of phosphate rocks. The resulted phosphatic solutions are ammonia neutralized and then ammonia nitrate and muriate of potash are or are not added dependent on the desired type. The product is used as an agricultural fertilizer and it is best suited to mechanical fertilization due to its reduced caking tendency and prill uniformity. Dosage on field is done dependent on culture type, climatic and soil conditions. - LIQUID fertilizers are obtained by mixing an ammonia nitrate solution with an urea solution, after that a corrosion inhibitor is incorporated. Depending on the total nitrogen content, three types of LIQUID FERTILIZERS are manufactured. They are used for soil fertilization. Dosage on field is done dependent on culture type, climatic and soil conditions. The product is incorporated into the soil before the preparation of the germinative bed, or together with the irrigation water. - Melamine: is obtained by the synthesis of melt urea with gaseous ammonia. The product is used for the manufacturing of the thermosetting melamine formaldehyde resins, as a glue in varnishes, enamels and dyes industry, in the pharmaceutical industry, as a vulcanization accelerator, as a starcher in textile industry and as a paper additive to increase the humidity resistance. Due to its remarkable mechanical and electrical insulating properties and also its excellent heat endurance, melamine is extensively used in the electro-technical industry. Other characteristics of melamine, such as its humidity and chemical resistance, its lack of odour and compatibility to foodstuffs, account for its utilization in the manufacturing of a large range of household goods and objects in the food industry. The above mentioned properties, as well as the fact that after processing into laminated plates it gives glossy and solar or artificial light resisting surfaces, create the possibility of its use in furniture paneling, wall boarding and shipbuilding. - AMMONIA: Technical liquid AMMONIA is used as cooling agent in refrigerating plants, in chemical industry (at dyes and fibres manufacturing), in petrochemistry, in fertilizers industry and as a fertilizer itself. -NITRIC ACID: Technical NITRIC ACID is used for the manufacturing of nitrogenous and complex fertilizers, of inorganic nitrates, of intermediate products for dyes, explosives, nitrocellulose, nitrations in organic chemistry, -Technical NITRIC solution: The product is used in ammonium salts industry, drugs industry, pulp and paper industry, wood industry, textile and leather industry. -Gaseous and Liquid NITROGEN is obtained by the fractional distillation of liquid air. Gaseous NITROGEN is used as inert medium in filling the electric bulbs, in weldings, in various chemical processes, for slopping of flammable liquids, etc. Liquid NITROGEN is used as cryogenic agent in zootechny, veterinary medicine, machine building industry, in electronics. -DRY CALCIUM CARBONATE is obtained as a by-product in NPK complex fertilizers manufacturing by the nitric attack of the phosphate rocks. The product is used as an additive in glass manufacturing and for other industrial purposes. -WET CALCIUM CARBONATE is obtained as a by-product in NPK complex fertilizers manufacturing by the nitric attack of the phosphate rocks. The product is used as agricultural amendment for acid soils and for other industrial purposes.

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str Gh. Doja nr. 300
TARGU MURES - 4300 () Romania

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