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Golcha Enterprises


Golcha Enterprises

Golcha Enterprises

Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India

Chemicals Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1976

Established in 1976 we are the leading resellers of industrial products at Jamshedpur. We are at present catering to Steel, Automobile, Soap, Gas, Chemical, Cement, Power, Food, Sponge Iron, Zinc, Tin Industries, Reasearch and Education Institutes, Lac Manufactures, Foundries, Refrectories, Mines, Beverages, Dairy and Collieries to name a few.

The group has discernible distribution channels for Industrial Chemicals and Petrochemicals. With our credentials, experience and resources at our command coupled with personal contacts with consumers and customers, we hold a prime and domineering position in the Eastern Indian chemical market. We have alliances with a diverse group of companies in India and abroad, that are based on mutual understanding of building long-term stable relationships. With that backbone, we are able to provide quality, low-cost services to our customers in a market that is expanding globally.

Today the Group’s distribution activities encompass products in diverse categories as raw material for various industries. Whereas Chemical distribution and trading remains the chief focus area, the group's success in such traditional endeavors of trade has emboldened us to set new targets and inculcate self reliance to achieve them

High quality, dependability and proactive concern for the environment have given GOLCHHA ENTERPRISES a commanding position in the market with a presence as radiant and dynamic as the name it carries.

Products :

Manufacturers and Exporters of Industrial & Heavy Chemicals: Ammonium Chloride, Barium Carbonate, Caustic Soda Flakes, Potash, Boric Acid, Calcium Oxide, Chromic Acid, Dextrine, Ferric Chloride, Oxatic Acid, Sodium Aluminate, Sodium Sulphate, Sodium Nitrite, Liquid Soap, Ammonium Carbonate, Barium Sulphate, Titanium Dioxide, Bleaching Powder, Calcium Chloride, Calcium Hydroxide, Copper Sulphate, Maize, Alum Ferric & Non Ferric, Tri Sodium Phosphate, Sodium Alginate, Sodium Bisulphite, Sodium Silicate, Sodium Hexameta Phosphate, Ammonium Bicarbonate, Soda Ash, Thiourea, Borax, Calcium Carbonate, Citric Acid, Cupric Chloride, Starch, Magnesium Sulphate, Sodium Tripolyphosphate, Mercury Metal, Sodium Nitrate, Detergent Liquid, Sodium Hypochlorite Soln. Foundry Chemicals: Yellow Dextrine, Natural Moulding Sand, Bentcate, Graphite Mould Wash, De Sulphuriser, Molasis, Silca Sand, Bentonite, Silica Ramming Mass, Fire Clay Mortar, Zircoon Mould Wash, De Phosphating Agent, Thinner, Graphite Powder, Coal Dust, Fire Bricks, Core Gum, Ferro Alloys, Ferrous Sulphide Stick. General Purpose Laboratory Ware: Beaker, Pipette, Kipps Apparatus, Cones, Stop Clocks, Tubes & Rods(Glass), Wash Bottle, Proceline Lab Ware, Enamel Lab Ware, Polythene Lab Ware, Lecocell Tungesten Accelerator, Spectroscopic Standards, Lens Cleaning Tissue paper, Coverslip & Microslide, Burette, Flask, Extraction Apparatus, Glass Jars, Watch Glass, Sintered Glass Ware, Filtering Flask, Silca Lab Ware, Wooden Lab Ware, Glass Lab Ware, Micro Polishing Comina, Indicator Paper, Reagent, Funnel, Bottles, Condensors, Reaction Kettles, Test Tube, Measuring Cylinder, Glass Adapters, Stainless Steel Lab Ware, Agate Lab Ware, Combustion Tube for C&S Leco, Sylvet Cloth, Indicator Solution, Test Kits. Ferro Alloys: Ferro Silicon, Ferro Vanadium, Ferro Niobium, Ferro Nicket, Ferro Manganese, Ferro Molubdenum, Ferro Aluminium, Ferro Chrome, Ferro Tungsten, Ferro Titanium Industrial Gases: Ammonia Anhydrous, Maffron Gas, Carbon Dioxide, Chlorine. Lab Equipment Machines: Vibrating Machine, Orsat Apparatus, Air Premeability Apparatus, Cube Moulds, Drying Oven, Trowels, Stop Watch, Fume Chambers, Water Bath, Laboratory Jaw Crushers, Laboratory Ball Mill, Compression Testing Machine, Autoclave, Disc Grinding Mills, Vicat Apparatus, Stop Clock, Weight Box, Sand Bath, Vaccum Pump, Sample Splitter, Le Chatetier Moulds, Humidity Chamber, Analytical Balance, Thacometer, Hand Sievers, Muffle Furnace, Hot Plate. Imported Instruments: Viscometer, Illuminometer, Opthalmoscope, Thermometers, Flame Photometers, Anemometer, Comparator Colour Disc, B.C.S.Standard, Photo Electric Calorimeter, Tinometer, Refractometer, Thermo Hydrometers, Barometers, Chloride Analyser, Difraction Gratting, Whatman Filter Paper, Silicon Carbide Heating Element, Electrophotmeter, Turbidity Meter, P.H.Meter, Electrnic Analytical Balance, Hydrometers, Polarimeter, Padometer, Nesslerisers, Rotameter. Surveying & Geological Instruments: Dumpy Level, Engineer's Air Meter, Polymeter, Stevenson's Screen, Recording Rain Gauge, Distance Measuring, Stereoscope, Microscope, Thedolite, Air Flow Meter, Thermohygrograph, Hygrometer, Optical Instruments, Seeking Gyroscope, Compass, Solar Energy Instruments, Tilting Level, Anemometer, Dial Thermometer, Meterological, Pressure & Vaccume Gauge, Camera's, Opthalmoscope. Pathological Chemicals: Immunohemetology Reagent, Antibiotic Sensitivity Discs, Biochemical Strips, Skin Test Antigens, Stains & Indicators, Dehydrated Culture Media, Readymade Culture Media, Microrganism Idengification Reagent, Serology Reagent, Readymade Analytical Reagent, Reagetn Kits, Blood Analyzers. Surgical Disposables: Urine Bag, Blood Bags, Catheters, Bandage, Blood Administration Set, Ryle's Tube, Surgical Gloves, Syringe, I.V. Set, I.V. Cannula, Cotton, All Hospital Products. Solvent & Solution: Trichlorethylene, Glycerine, Xylene, Ethyl Acetate, Hydrazine Hydrate, Aniline Lil, Iso Propyl Alcohol, Ethylene Glycol, Ether Petrolium, Hydrogene Peroxide, Methyl Iso Butyl Carbinol, Benzene, Methylene Chloride, Phosphoric Acid, Chloroform, Bromine, Butyl Chloride, Di Ethylene Glyccl, Carbon Tetra Chloride, Acetone, Acetic Acid Glacial, Triethanolamine, Formic Acid, Di Octyl Pthalate, Benzyl Chloride, Acide Slurry, Formaldehyde Solution. Acid & Anti Rust Compount: Hydrochloric Acid, Battery Acid, Rust Preventine Oil, Rust Inhibater (Hydrochlric), Phophating Compound, Sulphuric Acid, Distilled Water, Refined Oil, Gear Oil, De Greaser, Nitric Acid, Cutting Oil, Rust Inhibater (Sulphuric), Hydroulic Oil. Minerals: Bentonite, French Chalk, Chromite, Iron Femo Powder, Chaina Clay, Soap Stone Powder, Red Oxide Powder, Lime Possoloana, Baraytes Powder, Plaster of Paris, Manganese Dioxide, Calcium Carbonate, Quartzite, Silca Sand, Glass Powder, Whiting Powder, Dolomite, Gypsum, Graphic Powder, Lime Stone, Flurospar, Mica Powder, Fire Clay. Water Treatment Chemicals: Ion Exchangers, Filter Softners, Chlorinators, Boiler Water Chemicals, Demineralisation, Cooling Chemicals, Resin, Dealkaliser. Metallographic & Petrographic Instruments: Diamond Saw for Rock, Dry Belt Surfacer, Mounting Materials, Sieve Shaker Rotap, Cut Off Wheel, Cutting Oil, Polishing Powder, Polishing Cloths, Diamond Impregnated Wheels, Dry & Wet Belt Surfacer, Silicon Carbide Water Proof Paper, Grinding & Rock Polishing machine, Speciment Mounting Press, Electrlytic Polisher Gum Etcher, Dessicator Speciment Cabinet, Cut Off Wheel Machine, Cutting, Hand Grinder, Diamond Paste, Mounting Compound, Cold Mounting Kit, Emery Polishing Paper, Alumina Powder, Silicon Carbide Powder, Specimen Leveller, Test Sieves. General Purpose Laboratory Instruments: Microscope, Centrifuge, Tray Drier, Hot Plate, Soxhet Extraction, Viscometer, Sieve Shakers, Vaccum Pump, Ultra Violet Inspection Unit, Muffle Furnace, Laboratory Oven, Crucible Furnace, Glass Ware Drier, Temperature Control Unit, Autoclave, Laboratory Stirrers, Environment Controllers, Laboratory Balance, Hot Air Oven, Vaccume Oven, Electric Bunsen, Heating Mantle, Water Bath, Melting Point Apparatus, Water Distillation Still, V.D.R.L. Shaker, Platinum Nickel Ware. Electrical & Measuring Instruments: Ammeter, Ohm's Law Apparatus, Battery Cell Tester, Pentode, Condensers, Post Office Box, Potentiometers, Universal Shunts, Plug Keys & Terminal, Voltmeter, Ohm's Meter, Diode, Selenium Characteristic Apparatus, Inductance, Resistance Box & Coils, Resistance Bridges, Rehostats, Insulated & Bare Wires, Galvanometer, Multi Meter, Triode, Voltage Stabaliser, Transformers, Megohm's Box, Poential Deviders, Magnetism & Magnets. Pharma Chemicals: Ointments, Tincture Products, Pure Grade Chemicals, Glycerine, Emulsion, Solution, I.P.Chemicals, Commercial Chemicals, Syrup, Oil & Essence, Vaseline. Surgical Instruments: Aspeto Syring, Bone Cutter, B.P. Apparatus, Cover Slip, Counting Chambers, Catheter, Heamometer, Slide Box, Tissue Paper, Apron, B.P. Blade, V.D.R.L., Micro Slides, Douche Tube, Gloves, Kidney Tray, Stethoscope, Artery Forcep, Blood Sugar Tube, Clinical Thermometer, Cutical Scissors, E.S.R. Stand, Glass Bottles, Media Bottle, Sterlizer.

Contact Info

Golcha Enterprises

Golcha House
P.O. Jugsalai
Jamshedpur - 831006 (Jharkhand) India

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